: Not sure how to run Amp power cable (4 gauge) from Battery to Trunk (1993 Deville)

06-01-09, 05:11 PM
Well, a friend and I started the amp + subs installation today. We got the RCA cables ran to the trunk without any drilling or cutting at all, just removed the bottom back seat and found an already existent factory space to run them through. I couldn't get the top part of the back seat off though, no matter how many times I tried and from many different angles of pressure. I just gave up and found a way to run it wtihout removing that part of the seat.
Anyway, we can't seem to find a spot to run the 4 gauge power cable through to get it inside the car and to the trunk. Anyone with experience installing amps and wiring stuff in a 1991-1993 Deville, lemme know where I can run this wire through at please!
We're gonna (hopefully) finish the install tonight if we can find somewhere to run the cable through.

I'd prefer somewhere on the passenger side, as thats where the battery is at, and the cable might not be long enough if ran through on the driver side.

thanks for any help

06-02-09, 10:54 PM
I just installed a pair of amps in my 95 Seville. I did not fell like drilling holes in the firewall so I ran my wires through the engine bay, under the car along the frame rail on the right side and used zip tie mounts and tucked them up and out of the way the same way the fuel lines run on the other side. Then into the trunk through a drain hole that was already there with a drain tube in it near the right rear tire.There was enough room to pass 4 gauge power cable through the hole with out blocking up the vent.

06-03-09, 08:27 AM
My 97 DeVille had a rubber "plug" type ordeal behind the glove box in the hood. I just popped that out, drilled a hole the right size in it above the wires going through it currently, and ran the wire through it.

Not sure if 93s have that, however.

06-03-09, 10:56 AM
whatever you do
dont run it through the fender or a door jam
your ins co will thank you later for not torching your car

06-03-09, 01:27 PM
And where ever you run that cable make sure you put in an inline fuse of the proper size, otherwise if you chaff the insulation and it starts rubbing and eventually shorts out you're car is up in smoke instead of just having no music.......one is annoying, the other is potentially deadly

06-26-09, 09:38 PM
Look on your firewall you might be able to push it though a hole in your firewall . Use a gorumet so no water can leak thru