: navigation system configuration

05-31-09, 10:59 PM
Just bought a 2009 SRX with nav system and have a configuration question.
After starting on a route, a box on the left side of the screen shows the distance and time to destination. According to the manual, you can choose to have it display the arrival time instead. However, I have not been able to find any place where I can change the configuration to change the display from travel time to arrival time.

I also have a CTS, where it works as stated in the manual. You change the configuration by touching the box which brings up an option to select the display you want. Touching the box on the SRX does not do anything.

Has anyone else been able to make this change?

06-01-09, 08:00 AM
My 07 manual shows the same thing..... I emailed and called GMNavDisc and never got an answer. I'm guessing it's one of those features that may have been present but was dropped and the manual not updated. Kinda like the one that describes the non-existent cell phone compartment in the door.

Professor Wizard
06-01-09, 02:57 PM
Check to make sure you have the latest NAv CD... Many 09 SRX's actually have July 08 CD's in them, but the book may have been published when the new 09 CD's came out.

NO - you do NOT get a free upgrade! that stopped with the 07's.

Good luck with that!

(I too hate the factory (Arrive in 2hr, 4min format!)

09-12-09, 11:52 AM
i just installed a nav unit aftermarket (gm part 25851426 by delco) on my 08 srx and after it was unlock for the dealer it’s working except the volume control that doesn't respond, it is so loud. Is it a sound system issue or simply i got a bad unit?
thank you for help me.

Professor Wizard
09-14-09, 03:42 PM
The volume for the Nav unit is independent of the stereo!

Wander through the menus for the name until you find the volume settings.

I had to turn mine down too.

09-18-09, 12:27 PM
Thank you professor, i just did you recommend but i cannot to find more than one option on the menu concern to volume settings…it was the sound. i am not sure if you installed your unit aftermarket… and i am not sure people have can install nav unit aftermarket on 08 srx because i have done a lot of research and i have been unable find enough information about it …on the other hand i come back to dealer with your information and them were unable to make anything. i am thinking that my last solution is going to any auto sound dealer for any peripheral i don’t know. Thanks again.

glenna hughes
09-23-09, 08:42 PM
i have just installed a navigaion in my 2007 srx and everything seems to be working except the volume control. the sound seems to be wide open and will not turn down. the steering wheel control's work except the volume on it. glad the mute button work's. does anyone know the fix for this, i have the bose system in the vehicle and the dealer has never seen this happen before afer re-programing the navigation to my car. any help please this sound is driving me crazy. thanks glenna