View Full Version : just got mine 09

05-31-09, 07:52 PM
I just got my 09 ctsv I traded in my 08 c6 z51 6 speed for it . but i got an automatic cant really drive it hard yet any guys with the auto that can give me feedback on the shiftig performance .I hope i dont regret getting the auto over 6 speed

05-31-09, 11:46 PM
Congrats on your car! The automatic is not bad at all. It's better with a wait4me tune as the tranny is reportedly more responsive afterward.

06-01-09, 08:57 AM
The automatic is very good. As the user above me said, it gets exponentially better with the handheld tune. The car shifts crisper, it shifts at better points and it downshifts quicker. Great mod for an auto car. Still, without the tune I thought the automatic was very good.

06-10-09, 10:04 AM
You will be happy with the auto.

06-10-09, 10:52 PM
Happy, yes very Happy......

You can film YouTube videos with one hand and drive with the other.....

06-11-09, 10:46 AM
you'll need the tune. I've heard the tune makes the auto how it should have been.

06-11-09, 10:51 AM
Auto part. with tune is just fine. See you are from Jersey- sit in bumper to bumper traffic on the turnpike for 2-3 hours moving 20 feet at a time and your feelings of regret will slowly dissapate

06-11-09, 11:57 AM
You will just love the auto with the paddle shift option. May I suggest that after about 600 miles (good breakin period) go to the NC mountains and really break it in there like I did. If there had been no windshield, I would have had bugs on my teeth. What fun it was!!!