: 1970 deville cold idle problem

05-31-09, 10:05 AM
My dad has a 70 deville convertible that when started you have to tap the gas pedal to get it to stay alive when cold, but after it warms up it sits and idles fine. The choke seems to be setting fine. Not sure where to look or check next. His 79 deville is also doing the exact same thing. Any leads or tips in the right direction would surely help! Thanks!

05-31-09, 12:42 PM
I actually posted about this a few days ago, my 77 does he same or it stalls. I think the thread ended saying that if it's not the choke then the engine needs to warm up before you drive it. No problems, simple as that.

05-31-09, 03:42 PM
Assuming the throttle is set correctly and is not sticking, the problem is likely with the carb. Check the idle speed settings, esp. the fast idle adjustment.

06-01-09, 03:15 PM
where is the fast idle adjustment? I'm pretty sure the throttle is working properly and not sticking. The choke closes all the way when set, It seems to me it might be an idle adjustment. I found the screw where the throttle cable rests against when choke is off and i think that is the warm idle adjustment, correct? But i have yet to find where the cold idle or fast idle adjustment is.

06-01-09, 04:49 PM
The fast idle adjustment is located on the passeger side of the carb, just behind the vacuum break. From the FSM: With the primary throttle valves completely closed and the cam follower over high step of fast idle cam, turn fast idle screw in one and one-half turns after screw makes contact on lever.