: 71 fleetwood mileage/reviews

05-31-09, 05:00 AM
Recently i came across a 1971 fleetwood that i was interested in buying and just out of curiosity, i was wondering if anyone knew what kind of gas mileage they got. Also if there is anyone who owned or owns one and what they thought about the car in terms of pros or cons.

05-31-09, 03:55 PM
These cars can be expected to get about 9-10 mpg in mixed driving, and not more than 13mpg on the highway. They are very comfortable, very impressive cars, but they have little collector following and so are relatively cheap to buy. Be sure to check thoroughly for rust, esp. around the rear window, the sail panels under the vinyl top, the lower rocker panels, wheelwells, and in trunk.

05-31-09, 06:15 PM
Thanks, i was also wondering how it would match up in terms of speed and acceleration with the 84 deville i already own, I love the deville but its a little slow accelerating. I'm pretty sure i already know the answer to this but i'm just making sure im right.

Highway Star
05-31-09, 06:22 PM
Around 1000 lbs heavier than your '84.

06-01-09, 02:25 AM
really? i would have thought the extra horsepower under the hood would push the thing faster.

06-01-09, 03:51 AM
ANYTHING is faster than a RWD 4100 powered Cadillac. 1971 was a good year for hp, it was before they really dropped compression and added cat converters.

For 1971, you will have the 472cu big block V8, with 375hp, 525lb-ft tq, gross rated.:D Net hp is about 2/3 of gross hp, so that should give you a good comparison to the power of the weak 4100.

Which model Fleetwood is it? The Fleetwood 60 special was 3" longer than a Deville, the Fleetwood 75 was the stretched wheelbase, 9 passenger version with small jump seats.

06-01-09, 04:53 PM
Suffice to say, the '71 will feel worlds more powerful than your '84, even with the extra half ton to lug around.

06-01-09, 07:28 PM
not really sure what model it is i found it advertised online, seller lived 40mins away and i emailed the seller yesterday night and got a reply but the ad was taken down today so i think they sold it already, not really to sure. It looks like i'm stuck with the 84 for now.:banghead: