: Red STS Review of ICE 3 Step Clay Kit w/ Pictures

05-30-09, 09:35 PM
Hello All,

As you may know, I purchased an STS outside of Dallas Texas. I didnt wash it since I was driving to ohio 4 days later. Well I made the trip, but when I got to ohio 2 days ago, it rained up until now. Well today was the first day I was able to wash it. I decided to go ahed and start things off the right way, so I got a good wash and washed the car by hand.

I also purchased a few products from Autozone, Ice 3 Step Clay Kit, Ice Tech Polish, and Meguiars Gold Class Wax. I've personally used ICE Products before, and I like them alot. I like the fact that I can apply them to my black plastic, and that I can apply them in direct sunlight. I've ALWAYS been pleased with their products (despite some negative reviews online,) and I decided to share what I found here with all of my fellow Cadillac owners.


So I washed my car, then let it air dry. I applied the First step, which is the liquid clay bar. This removed the majority of the crap on my paint. Here is what it looks like when its done:


Then I washed it off, and dried with a towel. It stripped most of the crap down to the clear coat. It looked very good, as you can see:


05-30-09, 09:35 PM
Step 2 and 3 are the clay bar and the clay bar liquid applicator. They are done by spraying the liquid on the car, then going over it with the clay bar. You can feel the resistance of the crap come off the paint and clear coat, and right on to the bar. You keep using it until the surface is smooth to glide over. You can really see the effects on the bar, as you must rotate it to keep a clean spot. After all that, you dry the liquid left on the car with a microfiber cloth. Here are the pictures of the car AFTER the clay bar. They look AMAZING.


Keep in mind that there IS NO WAX OR POLISH ON THE CAR. This is what the paint and clear coat with no crap on them look. The paint and finish is amazingly smooth and slick to the touch - I could slide across the hood dukes of hazard style if it wasnt so expensive. I had planned on using the Ice Tech Polish and the Meguiars Gold Class, but it started getting dark. So I bought this, and put it on.


Check back tomorrow for pictures of the STS before and after the polish and Gold Class wax, and some final photo shoot pictures in my front yard. Or maybe infront of The Quicken Loans arena with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

05-31-09, 12:50 AM
That looks pretty impressive. I've not been a fan of ICE products but so far things do look very nice. Will be interested in seeing polish and wax. A lot a depth to a pretty red car will look awesome.

I just sold my C5 vette a few weeks ago and picked up an 08 STS. Love it. Getting the Corsa exhaust Monday and will have to do a few mods to hangers to get it to fit right. Looking forward to having a good rumble (probaby the single most thing I miss the most from my Vette days)

I spent 5 hours last weekend doing the detail on mine.. Pretty much same thing.. Strip all the wax, wash, clay-bar, wash again, polish x2 then Meguires NXT paste x2 all applied with Porter Cable detail buffer and 4 different foam pads for each different application. Being that the car is grey, I can't get that deep color depth like yours, but am well pleased with the outcome. Believe me.. the vette was georgeous when spit shined but very hard to maintain it. Swirl marks were a constant battle and I never used a towel or chamois on it.. nothing but a leaf blower every time it got washed. Very good tool to keep a towel off and great way to blow out all the water in cracks and mirror's door jams, grille, etc..

Good luck with final steps. Here's mine.....



05-31-09, 09:06 PM
Looks amazing. I really like the color. Here is the finished product: