View Full Version : Question about Time Serts?

05-30-09, 12:03 AM
i have a 99 deville with what im pretty sure that the head gasket is junk on my only question is once i time sert the block how many more miles can i expect to get out of my new head gasket

i guess what im asking is do these fail like the head bolts did??



05-30-09, 12:11 AM
The time-honored reply to a question that has been answered a million times is: Search.

BUT, it's late. The chances are 99:1 that a good Norm's Insert (not Timesert) or Jake's stud job will outlast your car. Probably you, too.

(Look at www.studkit.com . One of our members. Jake in Canada)

05-30-09, 03:02 PM
thank you submariner i was thinking about the stud kit but was just wondering what my best bet is trying to do this as cheap as i can but i dont want to lose any reliability i did search never found a definate answer i assumed that the stud kit was my best bet but i just wanted to get the advice of someone who knows more about this then i do.

btw just bought my first caddy 2 weeks ago 99 deville made it about a day and its overheating didnt realize that the N* had such a problem with head gaskets everyone i talked to said that they were a great motor

anyway thanks again


05-30-09, 05:49 PM
Too bad you got bit by the late 90's Northstar trap. To put it in perspective, Karen now wants a 2000-2003 DHS/DTC. I'll wait for one to show up around here with cooling problems - 6 year old Devilles with cooling glitches are relatively cheap in the Washington-Baltimore corridor, so I can pick and choose. We'll put the entire car up in the air on one of Charlie-the-Transmission-Mans' hoists and stud it. Karen will do about half the work; when she isn't planting peppers or eggplants or something weird. She likes wrenching - when I married her she was already equipped with a full tool kit. :sneaky:. I'm dead.........

05-30-09, 08:46 PM
WOW! That's amazing Sub. My wife thinks a screwdriver is something you drink. Actually though, I think I prefer it that way. I stay out of her kitchen and she stays out of my garage. You have much more ambition than I my friend. I'd prefer to buy one running. I don't ever look forward to removing one of these motors. No preference on the DHS or DTS?

05-30-09, 08:51 PM
Not right now model-wise.....Either/or. We both co-exist in the galley, too. She does her thing, I do mine, neither starves to death.

IF I find a blown 2001 - 2003 before finding the same in one piece, so be it. If a good running creampuff comes along, guess which way I'll go............

05-30-09, 09:58 PM
One of my friends was asking about buying a N* powered Caddy - he saw a nice 99 STS on Craigslist that had decent mileage and a bang-up interior. I told him to read up on CaddilacForums, and proceeded to take him through the entire series of threads I've subscribed to so he could see all the pitfalls of owning one of these cars without:

A) being mechanically inclined
B) being able to save up money so as to hand it nicely to a person more mechanically inclined than yourself

Yeah, he's going to buy a Ford now. Oh well, if you want the ride, you gotta know what you're getting into. I did, and I'm willing to save up as much money as needed to keep the Starship running in tip-top shape. The look of, the feel of, and the class that oozes out of the tailpipes of a nice Caddy (especially an ETC) is worth every penny to me. Not that I'm not mechanically inclined - I just don't have the patience to do the work myself. And I'm okay with that.

05-30-09, 10:29 PM
i am pretty good with old carb V-8 motors but i never got into all the electronic stuff not too worried about it i guess. i have a friend that i trade body work for motor work i just got to buy the parts and bring the beer! I never got into the internal motor stuff i could have delt with about anything that doesnt require me to drop the whole engine cradle