: Belt interference

05-28-09, 04:22 PM
I was poking around under the hood on the weekend, cleaning up a bit and inspecting. I found some wear on the belt.


Noting that it must have been rubbing on something, I looked to find the cause, but did'nt find anything. I replaced the belt.
Well I should have looked harder. My wife had the car today, and when she came home she said the car was "making a funny noise"...:yup: the dreaded oh crap moment.
I lifted the hood to find a rib width piece of the new belt flailing around the pulleys to the point where it was hitting the hood liner and slapping the throttle connector silly. There were bits of the hood liner all over the engine compartment.


I cleaned up the mess. Took the partially shredded belt off and and began again looking for the interference. I found it. Under the idler pulley to the right of the water pump there is a bolt for the alternator bracket that was the culprit.



I pulled the bolt out and machine the head down as much as I thought I could and still get a wrench on it. And put it back together. Should be good now. I'll have to get another belt to confirm.

So the question, is this a common thing on the LS2? Should there have been a different bolt in there from the factory? Has someone changed the pulley size on my car? belt fit fine.
If others could take a look and see, I'd be interested in what they find.

05-28-09, 04:24 PM
Damn truck motors :lol:

05-28-09, 04:44 PM
Is the belt/pulley/alt bracket different on the LS6?

05-28-09, 04:55 PM
I'll take a look at my LS2... but I think if it was rubbing I would have found it by now... so I gotta assume it's ok..... maybe with .003 clearance :) but it's ok

05-28-09, 05:02 PM
Is the belt/pulley/alt bracket different on the LS6?


it looks a little different

05-28-09, 05:27 PM
Well there it is right there.
My belt was not routed correctly.
Mine came off the crank pulley, to the alternator, to the idler, then power steering.

Fixed. thanks.

I'll check with the dealer to see if they had it off when they changed the power steering hoses.

05-28-09, 06:02 PM

Yeah you shouldn't have to grind bolts on a stock engine...