: Radio and power antenna wont work

05-27-09, 01:18 PM
1990 brougham, factory radio has no sound and the antenna wont go up. Fuses in the panel seem good, although there is a relay I have not changed. anyone have this issue?

05-27-09, 01:27 PM
did it just go out or was it like this when you got it? Switch the relay with another, see if that works. You have an external amp under the dash also. did you just get the car?

05-27-09, 02:31 PM
If it has never worked since you got it, the antenna is likely unplugged (because it is broken). The connectors will be up behind the passenger wheel well:


05-27-09, 05:17 PM
Recheck ALL fuses with a non powered test light. The radio requires 2 fuses, one for memory, one for switched on power.

05-28-09, 03:37 PM
Just recently got the car, inside is in such great shape, I can't believe there is anything serious wrong with the radio. still investigating at this point, but the antenna is plugged in.