: XM System Question

05-27-09, 07:06 AM
Hello All

This is Nelson from Taiwan.

How are you guys ?

I do have a question about the XM system , hope someone can help me find out the answer here. ;)

I want to connect my Ipod to my SRX but All SRX in Taiwan is without XM system and seems the only way that I can do is buy a XM system from U.S.A

Could anyone tell me how many part I have to buy ?

Or is there have any better soluation ?


BTW , this is my caddy =)http://www.prosben.com/aa.jpg

05-31-09, 07:54 PM
Sweet looking ride Nelson! What year is that baby? On my 07 I have a plug in next to the radio to plug in an mp3 player which will then play through the car sound system.

I think you have two issues here....xm and then playing your mp3?

05-31-09, 08:06 PM
SSooo, where dicha git the rims and grill?

06-01-09, 12:12 AM
Nelson, If you don't have the receptacle in the radio faceplate for the mp3 you could try a small FM transmitter that attaches to your Ipod and transmits to the lower bands on the FM radio. I'm not sure what the XM radio has to do with your Ipod.

06-02-09, 12:46 PM
Also go to xm.com and they have all sorts of radios that will work in your car, home or boat or all theree.