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05-26-09, 12:04 PM
Hey guys. I own a 2000 Cadillac Deville with a Northstar engine and I need to know the LOCATION of the crankshaft positioning sensor. I don't work on cars that much and the guy I took it to didn't know where it was located either. If you all could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Mark C
05-26-09, 12:25 PM
Theres 2 of them and they are down on the front of the engine (radiator side) just above the oil filter adapter and behind the exhaust manifold. The electrical connections each have a locking clip on them that has to be accessed from the top of the connector. You need to pull the clip out so you can unlatch the electrical connector, don't just pull on the plug or you will break it. Remove the oil filter adapter and it will be easier to access the sensors.

05-26-09, 04:10 PM
Like this: