View Full Version : Car alarm?

05-26-09, 11:57 AM
Ok. I ordered the Clifford Matrix 70.5x last year for my 01 Deville but never got it installed plus that car got totaled. It's summer time and my interior has requested some upgrades so it's only right that I help keep those upgrades safe right?

Ok. I'm curious to know if some of the accessories are worth it like the tilt feature. I've that people get alot of false alarms with those but if I get my rims would it be worth it?

I do plan on getting the battery backup also. No question on that one.

There was another feature I saw for either the interior/exterior proximity alert and another one that is for the interior. It says it detects changes in air pressure in the car if someone was able to get inside. Is that worth it or just a bunch of extra wires?

There are other options that I looked at but I'm researching on them still. What options do you guys think I need or oppose?