: the return of the fleetwood brougham.....maybe or no?

05-25-09, 05:39 AM
First I know that gm & other companies are struggling to stay in business or in gm's case out of business...... hopefully not.

Every so often I open an auto magazine in the grocery store or a book store & I see the future cadillac fleetwood brougham with 22" wheels in an advertisment for big wheel rims. I've heard through the grape vine that it may be built. But obviously not now. Is it true or was it true that gm was going to build the cadillac fleetwood again or maybe the name fleetwood will be used like cadillac did with a streched deville 1997-1999 built by the limo building company accubilt when you placed your order with the dealer. They just used the name fleetwood only for the streched deville 1997-1999 because it was long like the fleetwood.

05-25-09, 06:27 AM
^no chance in hell they will use the Fleetwood name, Cadillac has unfortently gone to the alphanumeric naming system like the damn Germans, which was later copied by the Japanese, and now has been copied by Lincoln and Cadillac.

Although I would love for Cadillac to bring forth a large RWD sedan that would compete with the Benz S-class, Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, and Lexus LS. I'd really like to see a very large(bigger than the competition), smooth riding, fairly good handling(Americans would rather have a smoother ride vs sports car handling), with at least 420hp standard(the LS3 would be an awesome base motor, make the LS7, LSA, and LS9 optional.

Gas mileage be damned, Cadillac has moved a ton of 10-15mpg Escalades with no problem.

05-25-09, 12:06 PM
Never, ever. A new Cadillac flagship of some sorts is still in debate, changing frequently, but still no real info about the how or what of it. Depending on the size, price, etc. if and when something does come out, think bigger sedan along the lines in terms of style, powertrains, etc. as other new Cadillacs, namely the CTS.

But Fleetwood...no. Don't believe magazine photochops or rumored stories. Just perhaps a new Cadillac flashship of some sort, the last of which I heard was something that would effectively combine the STS and DTS (although VERY different) models into one sedan. That was a while ago, however, so who knows at this point.

DopeStar 156
05-25-09, 01:18 PM
I talked with a GM employee, a friend of my dad's at a barbecue last summer while looking at my car with the guy and he said the Fleetwood name to Cadillac is associated with a generation of people that they don't want to be connected with anymore, that's why if such a car were to be built, (he didn't say no) it wouldn't use the name "Fleetwood" or even the letter F for that matter. If it does show up, screw the name and just appreciate it for what it is.....

05-26-09, 12:40 AM
I'm afraid the days of big, classy, smooth-riding, stylish RWD cars is over for American manufacturers. Take a good look at DopeStar's cruisers because you'll never see their like again. Our government has seen to that.

05-26-09, 01:18 AM
I'm afraid the days of big, classy, smooth-riding, stylish RWD cars is over for American manufacturers. Take a good look at DopeStar's cruisers because you'll never see their like again. Our government has seen to that.

Thanks to CAFE regulations, we now have big, smooth riding Escalades that get way worse mileage than the old RWD land yatchs. I place more blame on GM and Ford's management for totally abandoning the big executive sedan market that they once dominated in the 1970's. A lot of this was due to pretending Mercedes Benz and BMW didn't exist in the 1970's.

05-26-09, 10:37 AM
Sadly to say, I would never buy a new Cadillac. I rented a 2009 CTS with only 800 miles last week when I was in Vegas... wow, what a waste!

My Father was so disgusted with the 2007 ESV and 2005 STS he bought new, that he has vowed never to buy another new Cadillac... this coming from a man who has bought over 18 new Cadillacs in the past ~35 years.

Quality control is almost non existant and they are not cheaper than the competition.:banghead:

05-27-09, 12:26 AM
What would really be nice is for Cadillac to make at least one body style that has tail fins. I've always contended that Cadillac stopped being Cadillac when their entire line lost the tail fins (which is the leading reason, above the fact that most of them are redressed Caviler's, for why I hate the Seville, Cimmarron, Catera, and Allante lines).

05-27-09, 02:14 PM
I dont really care what GM comes out with. It will never stack up to my Brougham. I have always owned GM vehicles, and mainly had good luck with them. I had a Monte Carlo that I used strictly for road trips, and clocked up 155K when I traded it in, and never had a problem with it. However, I drive Silverado ext. cab now. Got it new about 4 years ago... Same thing.. I only use it for roadtrips. Or, when my 89 Saab (the junker) decides not to run. Since it went out of warranty I have put almost 5K in repairs in it. Stuff that should not quit at 50... 60 or 80K and Id say 80% highway miles. I will never buy another GM vehicle again. I have had terrible service at the dealer too. I work at an auto auction and test drive cars for a living... GM just dosent stack up to a Ford/Toyota/Honda the interiors are just more refined on the others. Take an 08 Impala, 08 Camry, and an 08 Accord.... even with 1/2 the miles on the Impala... its still worth less than the others. GM was done as soon as the accountants started running the company, and the car guys got the boot. The government is only making matters worse.... just my 2 cents.

05-28-09, 10:02 PM
Just imagine:
The new 2010 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham De' Elegance. 18 feet long, all metal, tailfins(somehow) and an emblem on the hood. I think I'll put myself on the imaginary waiting list.

05-28-09, 11:39 PM
Keep on dreamin'.