: could it be oxygen sensors ?

05-24-09, 06:48 PM
So i just took a 250 mile trip back to school in my 94 FWB. When i got to my destination and went to restart the car, the engine was shaking heavy and then stalling. Then it wouldnt start. I gave it 10 minutes and it was hard starting it but giving it gas it turned over. I have been driving it for a few weeks and no problems since then. I have noticed a rougher idle and decreased fuel consumption (but i have had decreased fuel for a long while now, before this). Any ideas? Could it be O2 sensors?

05-24-09, 07:18 PM
Could be a fuel pump that is getting bad. That is what mine ran like for a bit before it died...

Any codes? Do you have a fuel pressure tool?

05-24-09, 08:35 PM
i dont have a fuel pressure tool, but i can inquire with some neighbors.
Codes: parameter 01:128, parameter 4:127, parameter 5 : 34, and parameter 6: 6 ( one is a wheel speed sensor that i have had problems with, and i forget how high im supposed to read codes through).

05-24-09, 09:39 PM
I had the same problem with a 95 and a 96 Cadillac FWB that I've owned and on both of them it ended up being the fuel pump.

05-24-09, 10:05 PM
if its fuel pump, would it be running as well as it has been for the last few weeks since i had the incident? since them its maby just had a slight miss. How can this be checked, fuel pressure gauge?

05-25-09, 01:22 AM
dont rule out the egr valve ,
take off and clean, check for smooth
2 cents~

05-25-09, 03:19 PM
How many miles do you have on the car? If you have about 100K thats when spark plug wires and sparkplugs can start to misfire.... at a 100K I woud change the distrubtor cap and rotor, wires and plugs... and to change the cap you have to take off the water pump... so its best to to put on a new waterpump....Now fuel pumps seam to last a little longer... I see fuel pumps going around 140K to 180K...Dave

05-30-09, 11:50 PM
changed the plugs and wires about 20k miles ago or so. Car has just under 140k. I had an EGR valve code a while back, it was a split vacuum line. i had taken it off and checked it so i dont think its that. Is oxygen sensors even a potential ? Thanks