: New member hi everyone!!

05-23-09, 10:50 PM
Hi names richie, hail from elizabethtown ky (yes like the elizabethtown movie) drive a newly acquired 95 eldorado northstar. Having a few problems with it pointed out in earlier posts but Im sure ill get it straightened out. Quick question with the introduction, what up with the casino cash on my user cp? Just curious. Thanks guys.

05-24-09, 05:13 AM

We have a casino section open to supportting members to use it to gamble with. You can play, slots, Texas hold' em, etc.

There's no real value. Just for fun.

05-24-09, 09:48 AM
Welcome to the forum! Post pictures of your eldo when you get a chance! :wavehi:

05-24-09, 09:55 AM
Hi, Richie.........Welcome Aboard.

Go to the top of the page and read the entire Cadillac Technical Archive, up in the black bar ^^^^.


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05-24-09, 11:00 AM
:welcome5: to the forums. Thanks for signing up.

05-24-09, 12:18 PM
wow thanks for the friendly welcomes! Im already learning tons about my new caddy. Yeah I do need pics just gotta borrow my sis's cam lol.

05-24-09, 12:34 PM

05-24-09, 01:11 PM
Welcome, Richie! The Eldo is a great car, and once all the bugs are worked out, you're really gonna enjoy it!


05-24-09, 01:28 PM
Welcome and +1 for pics!