: I may need all forum members help, especially those who have ordered the stud kits.

05-23-09, 12:09 PM
I've seen a lawyer about patenting the process of using studs. That's work in progress right now.

I'm getting very nervous. I have a customer here from Georgia, who asked in advance if he could observe me doing the HG's on his Deville. I told him that I cannot allow this because of insurance reasons (technically I'm not supposed to have any customers in the shop) but I told him it's his car; and he is welcome at any time to stop by and have a look. I mean seriously I would want to take a look as well, coming that far. I'm picky with my vehicles too.

He stayed for about 3 hours snooping around everything, even going so far as opening car doors and setting off the alarm on my dad's 99 SLS.

He insisted he wanted to see the whole drilling/tapping process.

This morning when he showed up, I heard him knock as I was walking through the shop and I heard/saw him try to push open the large sliding door. This is intolerable- if I were not there, and that door was unlocked, well.....

My shop helper said he thought he heard him say that he worked for an insert company.


1. The studs are in the process of being patented. It's not finished yet.
2. He's snooping around way more than I can understand.
3. He questions everything and wanted so badly to see the drill/tap process.

I don't care if he reads this or not at this point.

If he even attempts to profit off my designs and hard work I will be in court so fast..... but I may need people to back me up- anyone who's followed the whole stud conversion process.

I haven't had time to set up the security system yet but luckily someone is always here to look after the place- 24/7.

I don't like to hide things from people, but for some reason I just don't trust his intentions at this point. I don't know what he's up to, but I just don't trust him.

I have nothing to hide, I will invite people into my shop to have a quick look, no problem. But 3 hours is a little excessive. It slows me down a lot and they could get hurt- I don't need any lawsuits filed against me.

Oh- the new studs have the alignment pins in them now, and I tested them out. Works great!:D

05-23-09, 01:07 PM
Jake, Run the VIN on the car and find out where, who, and when. You are perfectly within your individual rights and probably also should follow insurance regulations in denying customer access to a machine shop area.

I smell a rat.

Fortunately every post and reply about your stud, engine rebuild, and motor mount work are preserved in CF and it's in the public domain, so you're justified in archiving it for future reference.

05-23-09, 02:18 PM
2 possibilities

1. Hes never tapped/drilled an engin before and he wants to learn by watchin, but doesnt want come out and say that. So he can buy caddys cheap and fix them with the studs and make some money.

2. RAT

Personally if it were 1950 i dont see the harm in him in the shop but its like u said insurance liabilitys. Its 2009 and if he slipped on some oil or tripped on somethig he try to sue u for everything u got, u know how people are with lawsuits nowadays.

F*** that i wouldnt let him in at all maybe just to see the studs in the block before re-assembley

just my 2 cents

05-23-09, 02:40 PM
Sub, aac123 those are good points. I can totally understand someone wanting to have a quick look-see. But he sure doesn't seem very trusting at this point. If he trusts me so little that he has to stop by every 2 hours to have a look around, he could have just stayed in GA. I very much WELCOME people from anywhere they're willing to drive but I just can't work at the speed and consistency that I normally do, if someone is always around asking questions and looking over my shoulder. Plus I have to keep an eye on them so they don't go into private files or play with the machinery- been there before.

I guess I should post a disclaimer on my site and a FAQ page.... something to do since I finally have satellite high speed internet....:D

I've hurt myself before in the shop, but I won't sue myself....a customer could hurt him/herself and I may be screwed.

05-23-09, 04:00 PM
eldo, i will be doing the stud kit in the coming couple of weeks so whatever u need me to do. Dan

05-23-09, 11:20 PM
Well the car is gone, started up and ran like a charm. Only an O2 sensor code that disappeared soon after. They were very nice about everything, but it just seemed very unusual. I don't like to jump to any conclusions- the man just had a lot of interest in the process and the shop and that made me nervous.

I'll be laying some rules down and setting up one hell of an alarm/security/surveillance system. I have customers' cars to protect- nobody but either myself or the owner has business even touching a door handle on a customers' vehicle.

I've had great positive feedback on the stud kits. I'll continue to stock and sell them but they're going to be in the patent pending status as of Monday if everything goes as planned, and then I'll just have to finalize the patent. Thank God for good lawyers.

Thanks in advance to everyone for your help, Dan, you included as well! :D

05-24-09, 08:37 PM
Pretty sure that everyone on this forum would be willing to go to bat for you if you needed us, 97Eldo. Even N* haters like Destroyer have shown great respect for you and the work you're doing. You are an A+ character in my book, and you deserve to profit from your hard work.

05-25-09, 09:08 PM
Thank you Corsa, I see the lawyer again tomorrow. See what comes of this. $380 per hour- wow. And I thought I was doing alright. How long would it take to pay off a new XLR-V at $380/hour? :D

05-25-09, 09:10 PM
less than 2 months with 40 hour work weeks. Is it too late for a career change? LOL

05-25-09, 10:13 PM
naw just drop what your doing and start cutting lawns!

05-25-09, 10:50 PM
Thank you Corsa, I see the lawyer again tomorrow. See what comes of this. $380 per hour- wow. And I thought I was doing alright. How long would it take to pay off a new XLR-V at $380/hour? :D

The business lawyers that my dad was working with a few years ago were getting something like $550 an hour. (My dad's the manager of a power plant.) Those lawyers make some bucks! :eek:

Anyways, I would definitely back you up if you needed it. You seem like an awesome and hard-working guy. Your ideas are yours and it wold be wrong for someone else to reap the benefits of your work. The only reason I didn't use your stud kit was because it wasn't my decision; it was my dads. He wanted the GM approved one, even though I told him it wasn't the best.

05-30-09, 12:44 AM
I am the guy that Jake is talking about that came up from Georgia. I was only interested in watching because I do a lot of work on my own cars. Pulling a Northstar is out of my skill range. I was just curious and trying to learn. Plus sitting in a hotel for three days in a small town is pretty boring.

As far as me mentioning inserts, I worked for Alcoa Fastening Systems as a Regional Sales Manager until I was laid off 2/27 due to the economy. I promoted Recoil threaded wire inserts as well as structural rivets. We competed against Helicoil and made nothing resembling Timeserts or studs.

As far as the guy (submariner409) that says he smells a rat, screw you. Jake if you had a problem then say something while we were there! You are far too prickly and paranoid. Do you realize how far I came! The car runs great and you are amazing especially to be as young as you are but learn some salesmanship.

You told me it would be a two day repair. It took three. Thats fine. But if we didnt come by your shop to check the progress, we would have never known when we were going to be able to get back on the road. Your voice mail box is full and you dont always answer your phone. You told me we could stop be anytime so we did a few times. Why would you not come out when we drove up? Do you just expect us to sit in a hotel 1000 miles from home and hope you someday call us? You certainly didnt act like it was a bother before we came up!

Regarding your Dad's alarm, I asked if we could walk around and look at all the nice caddy's you have. You said fine. The windows were down. i just opened the door to see the inside. I told you what I was doing!

I text you when we got back to ask for the photos you said you take of every job. I thought this was a nice touch when you said you photo every procedure. When I asked for them you got defensive and said I was asking too many questions! You offered the photos a week before I came up like it is something standard for every client. I just wanted them for my file. Service records are valuable and I always keep them. I am not an industrial spy. I am just an guy whos wife was given a nice Deville by her parents.

Caddyinfo is asking for my report on my experience. I will tell them technically you are top notch but you sorely lack in communication with your customers. I set the time with you for us to come up three weeks in advance. I expect to be kept informed when we are paying for food, hotel, trailer rental,etc. I think that is a reasonable request from me and my 76 year old father-in-law and traveling companion.

Duluth, GA

05-30-09, 01:15 AM
For the record, a C&P of the last email Jake sent to me before I left Atlanta:

From: Jake Wiebe
Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 09:43:37 -0400
To: <andyraye@bellsouth.net>
Subject: RE: More questions for the trip on the 19th
$1500 canadian dollars. Andy it is your car so you're welcome at any time to drop by and see it, I just have to be so careful with the insurance and liability aspect, even when people unload their cars on my property. The other day a man used a bumper jack to lift his tilt-platform on the car hauler trailer while a Seville STS was on it. Scared the living hell out of me, that jack was ready to slip out.

I do take pictures as I go, and if requested by you I can take even more photos than usual through the different stages.


05-30-09, 10:03 AM
I rest my case.

This man has a very nice father-in-law. I proudly shook his hand when the job was done. A+ customer.

Two days, three days, the job is done right and that's what counts. I spent every waking moment working on this car to get it done so you could get on your way back home. The lower seals had to be done as well and that takes a bit more time.

As for the communication, you came four times in one day to see how the repair was going. The one time that you came, you spent three hours in my shop. I start thinking this is a trust issue or something worse. This will raise any man's eyebrows. I lose my concentration when I have to concentrate on what someone else is doing; wandering around my shop. You tried to open my shop door thinking I wasn't around. I was walking up from the other end and I heard this. This in itself is inexcusable- in Canada, if that door would have slid open that would have been "breaking-and-entering" a criminal offense. I'm sure the U.S. has very similar laws. I cannot allow this considering the equipment, parts, and other customers' cars in my shop. As soon as I got to the door I opened it and welcomed you in. I have a lot to protect- it shouldn't be so hard to understand.

I realize you've left a mint condition '99 Deville with someone you've never met before, and therefore I understand your wanting to see the car periodically.

I appreciate your business, I respect and appreciate that you've come a long ways, I really do; but walk a mile in my shoes and see things from my perspective.

Case closed.

05-30-09, 10:49 AM
In Jake's defense, having spent one hell of a lot of auto repair shop time lying on a creeper or hunched over a cylinder head, any time a customer gets too close and starts breathing down the mechanic's neck, things get antsy. Given the lead-in to your shop appearances, I would still smell a rat.

Glad your car was repaired to your satisfaction. That's the bottom line.

05-30-09, 01:42 PM
I wish to apologize to everyone here for losing my temper and flaming on a board I just joined. A 45-year old man should be better than that. We do have a car that is better than new in my opinion. Jake should charge $4000 and the dealer should charge $1500!

I guess I got bent out of shape when I saw this was posted while we were up there. Canadians are more reserved and probably Jake is too courteous to tell me to get the hell out of his shop!:)

When I saw terms like rat, lawyer, snoop, etc used here I got mad and for that I am sorry. My father-in-law grew up on a farm and lives in a small town and really admired the countryside and the integrity of Jake's barn (shop). If I would have had any idea that we were making him or his family uncomfortable, I would have never done that. I am a very trusting person and assume all people are good first. Jake doesn't know me so he was perhaps justified. I also may be the first "ugly American" to wait on their car versus drop it off. That could have thrown Jake a curve.

Perhaps I was primed for this trip the wrong way. A month earlier I drove my newly acquired '04 Passat TDI to St. Louis to get the balance shaft module replaced by the "Jake" of VW's. He let me sit in a chair in the corner and watch the whole procedure. I now feel less intimidated doing lesser things on this car. It involved partially raising the engine and mounts and was fascinating to watch. I wasnt spying on that guy in St. Louis and if he said I dont want you here in the shop, I would have left and gone back to the hotel. When Jake said stop by anytime, its your car. We did.

Plus if you have ever traveled with an older relative, they get set in their routines and want to get home. I told him I thought we would be heading back after two days (my bad). Remember since I had no help from him driving, it took two days to get to Canada and two days to get back pulling 6000 pounds.

Submariner, I apologize for insulting you. You are a fellow vendor and I understanding you taking Jake's position. I am the new guy here.

Thank you for having me on this board. It will be a great resource keeping my wife's Deville healthy and happy.

Jake, you are amazing and offer a superior solution. I hope you get rich, man. You deserve it.


05-30-09, 05:29 PM
No problems interpreted and no problems remain.

Now keep us cut in on how the old girl performs :rolleyes:.

05-30-09, 06:56 PM
No problem Andy. I would NEVER use the term ugly american- Americans, from the one's I've met; are very nice people. I have american relatives as well. The only ones I didn't like were the ones at the Detroit border crossing who threatened to imprison me because they think something's wrong if a young guy drives a black Cadillac w/tinted windows. But we have a-holes here in Canada as well. There really aren't many differences between these two countries.

There will be a small price increase soon. Not excessive.

I thank you and your father-in-law once again for your business, but you must understand that everything I've worked hard for and built up, I will get defensive if I feel something is not-quite-right. I apologize for getting the wrong impressions.

I hope that beautiful Deville lasts another 10 years or more.

05-30-09, 08:34 PM
Jake, never attribute to a filthy plot that which can be explained by pure stupidity. Some pushy people just don't realize how they're coming across.

05-30-09, 09:50 PM
I know I sure don't. I can't even keep my eyes off the baggers at the supermarket - sure, they know how to do their job, but I don't want to come home and find my eggs all broken because the guy put them in the same bag with a bunch of soup cans. I understand Jake's concern - it's a process that he has worked hard on, and he wants to make sure he can make money off of it for a long time to come. I'm very glad to hear that your car was repaired though, sir, and hopefully you'll get many more years out of it running like new.

Also, my real name is Andy as well, so there you go. I guess Jake might have another Andy wandering around his shop before too long.

05-30-09, 10:50 PM
I'll dust off the lawn chairs and fire up the barbecue. Corsa1R, I mean Andy, what do you like on your hamburgers? And last but not least, what's your favorite beer? :D

05-31-09, 08:13 AM
Samuel Adams Boston Lager, though this time of year their Summer Ale is in bloom as well. :)

Actually, it might really end up being sometime this summer - probably just after the Chicago Meet - that I'll be looking to get the HG work done. Not sure if you've seen my thread over in the Lounge, but I'm actually moving to the Chicago area in about 6 weeks, possibly sooner. I put in for a transfer and managed to avoid being laid off since they're closing my company's NY office, and ended up with a promotion and nice raise to sweeten the deal. I'm not a fan of sitting on my ass, y'know? A lot of people I work with are taking their severance packages and planning on taking unemployment for a while - I couldn't rightly see myself doing that, and as a side bonus it gets me out of the hellhole that NY state is gradually becoming. :leaving:

Oh, and according to Google Maps (technology is mind-boggling), the trip from Chicago to your shop is the same distance as the trip from Albany would have been, so it's a wash. Of course it's not all wine and roses; since my girl is in school right now and is already enrolled in summer classes, we decided it made no sense to have her leave right in the middle of getting her degree. Hopefully after the summer semester she can find a school out here that will take her credits so she can transfer - we're still working that out. But anyway, HG work, possibly a spoiler too, and I guess if anything else is broken I might as well have you take a look at it. The car runs fine - like I said a while back, the HGs are in good condition and the combustion-byproduct test came back negative - but I figure it's worth it to get the job done anyway because the last thing I need is to have my car break down after three months in town. I'm big on preventative maintenance, and we all know the HGs are critical and can pose major headaches if not addressed. :banghead:

Are you coming to the Chicago Meet, Jake? If so, it might be worthwhile to use that as a jumping-off point - once the weekend is over, I could just follow you on back to your shop. You could also look my car over at the meet and determine if there's any other trouble spots. She seems to run A-OK, but if it's more complicated than my old 89 Buick Century, I don't consider myself qualified to make a diagnosis. And the "Starship" is a helluva lot more complicated than the "Beast" was. :D

06-01-09, 10:45 PM
Actually Corsa, I will help you with the spoiler but I limit myself to HG jobs, assembling stud kits and jigs, and I'm working on the motor mount solution now as well. As much as I would love to do other mechanical work to the 'Lacs, I am so busy with this that my free time is almost non-existent. yesterday (Sunday) I pulled a 13 hour shift. But the spoiler is something I would love to do and will make time for :D

I did read up on your posts in the lounge, hope the move goes great man. And I would love to come to the Chicago meet, if I can spare the time. Guess I'll have to follow that a bit more closely- when is it?

The old Buick was a reliable car though, wasn't it? I've been laughed at for driving my old '89 Olds Touring Sedan, but that thing was awesome. over 200,000 miles (370,000kms) and not burning a drop of oil. Just as comfy seats as my STS, and just as far advanced of a trip computer. Gutless, but reliable. Real leather seats made by Leer, and Bose sound. Bought it for $100, and had my DTS rims on it for a while. Looked sharp! Now if that thing had a northstar, I would never have sold it.

06-06-09, 10:16 PM
No problem Andy. I would NEVER use the term ugly american- Americans, from the one's I've met; are very nice people. I have american relatives as well. Every time I make a comment that technically can be construed as "racist", I always bring up the fact that I have a relative that is "black".

06-06-09, 10:19 PM
I am the guy that Jake is talking about that came up from Georgia.Sucks to be Jake. Every time he talks about someone, they show up in here. :histeric::thepan:

06-06-09, 11:18 PM
Destroyer, maybe we should find out if you're right!

Yesterday I lost my temper with a customer for the first time ever, and of all things, this man is a minister. I was 2.5 hours from completion of his '99 Deville and he showed up to pick up the car. He looked at it, shook his head, and said "I'm very disappointed in you Jake, you said it would be done now". I told him that I got delayed and that I was working as fast as I could be, but I told him under no circumstances will I rush the job. He came back 2 hours and said "Jake we need to have a talk about this" and started complaining about how I was off with my time.

I lost it. I told him I worked until 1:30am the night before, and started that day at 6:30am. It was now around 5:00pm. No break except lunch because I knew I was behind on my schedule a bit.

The man wouldn't give up. I told him "Let's take this outside". Wrong choice of words- him and his son were expecting me to throw a punch. No, I won't lose my professionalism like that. Or at least not that far. We went outside of the shop and I told him a few things. And then I told him "the longer I'm out here arguing with you, the longer it's going to take with your car". They both left and I called them when it was ready. I had problems with a chassis ground so it took a bit longer than expected.

When they came back, the minister's attitude was a lot different. We shook hands when they left and I wished them well and thanked them for their business. Being a 60 year old minister, I guess he thought he can control people? Not this guy. His son never said a whole lot- I think his son has a much better head on his shoulders than him.

I had to smile at what my dad said to the minister: "Aren't you a preecher? Shouldn't you be treating people a bit better than this? I knew a preecher like you once; treated people the same way. It didn't take long for the church to ship him off- the same will happen to you if you keep this up."

Like I said before to many people. I love what I do. I truly do. But if I ever just give up on this business, the reasons why are evident.

Speaking to a minister the way I did, or rather yelling, I guess I'll need a lot of ice where i'm going. But I never called him any of the words that I was thinking of.

06-06-09, 11:29 PM
I've been ranting too much already- I know many forum members have dealt with this probably way more than I have. But the good news is that 80% or more of my customers are people who I would readily invite inside for coffee or a beer and people who I consider friends. 10% are people who I'd prefer not to see again for a while, and the other 10%, well I'd have to think twice about pulling over to help them change a flat tire. I would still help this minister but I would not want to invite him in for a coffee.

If anyone remembers the one post where I said I'm through with HG jobs, well, that Aurora came to my shop today via a tow truck to have the transmission seals changed. I looked under there and saw one drop hanging from the pan, nothing really wet. That transmission worked perfectly when I handed over the keys, but now all it does, is slip and the fluid level doesn't even register on the dipstick. If he drove it like that, and the transmission is screwed, he's on his own- I will not replace that transmission again. Not even if he pays me to do it. I'll change the seals and then refill the trans. It had better still work.

06-06-09, 11:44 PM
Every time I make a comment that technically can be construed as "racist", I always bring up the fact that I have a relative that is "black".

Destroyer, if I wanted to insult anyone, I'd start with Canadian politicians. People are generally the same regardless of which country they're from. There's always a bad apple in the bunch and I'm NOT referring to DuluthRooster- we straightened that out. Water under the bridge.

I had a customer from Michigan who we sat outside for over an hour just "chewing the fat"- talking about cars, work, women, they felt welcome at my place and I was glad to have them over (him and his mom). Just nowadays, if I have any spare time, it's dedicated to my family and friends.

06-09-09, 07:44 PM
The minister called me today with the 1999 Deville. He apologized to me and said the car runs like a clock now, no oil drips, no coolant loss. He thanked me and said he would refer me to others he knows with Cadillacs. That was a much appreciated phone call.

07-02-09, 04:11 PM
Prickly and paranoid!!! Damn strait. You have come up with a method to repair the biggest consumer screw over in history and are in the process of protecting it through the patent process. I sure Henry Ford was prickly and paranoid as well.
Andy, you should be more understanding. You are the one that tested the limits and gave the appearance of suspicion. Perhaps Jake didnít say anything at the time because he didnít want to ruffle the almighty customer. They are always right you know. Glad you got your ride fixed right. Thats more than you would have gotton from a Dealer and for a lot less.:tisk:

07-02-09, 05:21 PM

07-03-09, 02:49 AM
Just a latecomer getting his oar in the water.

07-03-09, 06:50 PM
Sorry Guy's I forgot to refresh and wasn't aware of the additional page. So glad there no hard feelings Jake & Andy.:o

07-08-09, 05:20 AM

I have a 99 & 97 Deville.

The 97 has been sitting for 6 months, and now the 99 just started doing the same thing.

I want to fix these cars, but I want to really fix them, no bandaid.

How do i go about buying your stud kits, how much? How much do you charge to install them?

Let me know, Thanks, Dennis

07-08-09, 09:55 AM
Here's a link to his website... Give him a call if you need more info.


08-01-09, 02:47 PM
Personally I think you jumped to extreme conclusions thinking he was a spy. However, I dont think he should have been standing over top of you for as long as he was while you were trying to work. This reminds me a lot of the recent case with Obama's professor and the cop. Both were just doing their jobs, but problems in communication blew everything out of proportion. I remember as a kid my grandfather(who was my father figure) always stood over top of me when I was trying to work on something. It only caused me to take longer and stumble. Jake I think you should have told him how you felt while he was there instead of getting on the forums and making assumptions. I agree with him that this was bad business. I dont think it will hurt you in the long run as you have a quality product. All this could have been avoided if you just spoke with him in the shop. Anyhow this is just my opinion. When my head gaskets go I will still be buying your studs as they are the best solution to the N* problem........

08-03-09, 07:08 PM
I am not very outspoken. But I became very outspoken when my shop helper had told me he had heard the man worked for a company that makes timeserts. True or false, that's what I heard.

I have measures in place now so this thread is long history. But this I can tell you straight up- anybody that thinks it's OK to try to open my shop doors thinking I'm not around, has something else coming. I have my personal posessions (tools & equipment, parts) to protect as well as other customer's cars and engines. No way in hell is anyone allowed in the shop or even wandering around the property if I am not present. Everyone should be able to understand this. Trying to break in is what really got me steamed and worried. Nobody needs to see the progress on their car that badly.