: Hello Again, happy to return

05-23-09, 07:03 AM
Hi good caddy friends...

welp, 97cherry is now an 03 CTS...

I 'lost' my cherry belle (97 ETC/Zrated)...around thanksgiving. She was not starting, no help, had to get to work....so she was 'traded' for a piece of crap, and i've been missing her ever since.....I didn't pick the crap car I got, so that did not sit well. It also sucked gas like (03 jeep liberty, ew)....I called it a turd.
Anyway, since the turd was such a bad deal (interest rate) and all the $$ I was putting in the tank, I'm giving it back...(:rolleyes:).....So I got an 03 CTS that I used to look down on as a 'beefed up Caterra"....but I'm really liking it. Even with it's single exhast (cherry had 2/4pipes) and no heated seats, or 12 disc cd changer....
It's a small sacrifice.....
I got my 'cool' back, and that's important to me...

well, I'm happy to introduce her to you..."Pearl"...I'll have a new avatar soon, but in memory of cherry, I'll keep for now...

Ranger....what you think bro??? Missed ya...

kp ;):highfive:

05-23-09, 10:50 AM
Welcome back.

Guess we won't see you much as you'll be hanging out in the Catera Oops I mean CTS forum. Rough bunch from what I hear.

Sorry to hear about Cherry. I know how you felt about her. Hope you like the CTS and it serves you well. They have never been my cup of tea though.

05-24-09, 07:50 AM
I know, I know.....I'm a eldo snob too...Like I said, I always sorta blew off the CTS's too, and it's not like it's taking cherry's place, but the price was right (wonders why), and it's sharp looking....

But I had mental woes and cherry was not helping...had to make choice..I still can't talk at length about it, but she understands, I know...

I'm glad to see you're still advising us folks...thx

05-24-09, 10:01 AM
Man, you been gone a while..........Welcome back !!! Put on your best CF armor plate - things get very juvenile and flaming up in CTS every now and then. Got any Cherry parts left, or everything gone ???? (I'm partial to Crimson Pearl so I'll keep my mouth shut on what you should have done....:sneaky:)

05-25-09, 07:05 AM
Howdo sub..

I don't have anything but the 12 disc magazine/thing...I could have sold her rims for more than I got for her.:helpless:
She was in bad shape, but liveable for me, but I did not have ANY resource to keep her. I wanted to badly. Running or no...I know...please.

ha...well, I don't plan to hang in the CTS forum unless I have questions/problems.

I do like it though...*blushes*...*smiles*...

05-26-09, 08:35 AM
Welcome back! :wavehi: