: SRX crossover sedan

05-22-09, 05:46 PM
I dont think this has been posted on here before but I just found this today. The article is about two months old. It looks pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I am glad GM didnt go this route when designing the new SRX.


c5 rv
05-22-09, 09:50 PM
It reminds me of the Ford 500 / Taurus.

05-23-09, 12:23 AM
haha, I saw this car and talked to owner at the Cleveland Auto Show in February. He did nice work on it, but he wasted a year of his life in my opinion and who would want to do this to their SRX. It decreased storage space, and didn't even look good. If this was just a hobby to work on his own car then fine, but he actually thought he had a good business opportunity on his hands. I flat out told him that I would never do that to my SRX and he seemed surprised!!

Jake's SRX
05-23-09, 09:47 PM
I like mine as it is as well. If I want a hatchback I'll buy one. I hope he did this as a hobby and plans on using it, do you think he could sell it for what he has invested it?

Infrared in Idaho
05-25-09, 02:11 AM
Maybe it'll be the 2011 model after GM straightens out their financial mess?