: Theft System/car won't start..help?

05-22-09, 01:15 PM
Ok, is there any limit to my stupid questions...apparently not...
trying to leave for work, the car won't start, the security light is lit and it's telling me theft problem, starting disabled or some such ....
both key fobs are working to unlock/lock, I opened the door with the actual key...now what? the owners manual isn't telling me how to fix it and I don't have onstart...help.
going to drive the dreaded mini van to work, but have to fix this and understand how I made it happen too! Help please!!

05-22-09, 09:21 PM
If your FOB's are working properly, the manual says unlocking the doors with the FOB will disarm the system.

I know older Caddy's had other anti-theft features but I'd be surprised if the manual didn't cover all the STS security features. (Pages 2-20 & 2-21 in the pdf)

05-23-09, 10:50 AM
Turns out the battery was damn near dead. I had left my cell charger plugged in the console, which I didn't think would draw when the car was off, but when I got home from work, it had less light, I put it on a jumper and it got better then went black, so then put it on a charger and after about 15 minutes it started right up. I let it run a half hour to be safe and so far, so good.
The manual talked about how to arm it, but the locking and unlocking did nothing, the physical key a few times back and forth didn't clear it either. I was thinking the car was pulling a Christine on me for awhile!
Still want to be sure the battery is solid, ran last at 14.1 volts according to the info, would've been much worse if it had happened at the hospital lot instead of home.
Have a great weekend everyone!

05-24-09, 12:39 AM
I had the same problem, but with mine, I had nothing plugged in. My 2008 STS would start fine unless it sat for the weekend. By Monday morning, I could not start it.

I am sick of jumping it. Will get new battery soon.

05-25-09, 10:09 PM
There are several battery problem threads. I strongly recommend you check those to get a better than OEM battery for less cost.

I think there was even a source for the newer most durable battery designs like one consisting of six cylindrical cells. They're like the ones many race teams use. Naturally, they may cost more than OEM but be superior batteries.

These cars really should have a backup! They are hard on them and dead without.