: Disable Stability Control

05-21-09, 10:13 PM
Turned off TC, in Competition Mode, How do you turn OFF the Stability Control Mode?:annoyed:

05-21-09, 10:18 PM
hold the t/c button for 5 seconds. the t/c has to be on when you do this; if it is already off then pressing and holding the button just turns it back on.

05-21-09, 10:21 PM
i have the same question, and i cant for the life of me figure out my t/c. i press the button, light comes on dash, it'll still shut me down when traction is lost. press button again, the light just turns off? when i do get wheel spin and t/c doesnt stop me. s/c does. makes me sad.

every other car i've driven you press that little button it shuts its mouth and lets you enjoy yourself.

^ i will try that. :)

05-21-09, 10:30 PM
You have to understand the difference between T/C and Stability. T/C is what shuts down power when the wheels spin. Stability keeps the car straight if the tail slides out. If you just turn off the T/C and spin tires around a curve or you tail starts to slide, the Stability kicks in and shuts you down.

One press of the T/C button = traction control OFF. (will allow wheelspin without interruption)
Two presses of the T/C button = Competitive Driving mode. (same as T/C off + Stability control is turned down)
Hold T/C for 5 seconds = traction control OFF + Stability OFF

05-21-09, 10:33 PM

thank you.

like i said before, everything i've driven to the point of sliding had just one button, or didnt have it period.