: Nav turn instructions don't show on HUD

05-21-09, 08:56 PM
Hello! I am a new member. Love my new 2009 Cadillac STS which I have had for three months.
When I first got the car, the navigation data - turn information etc - showed in the HUD. Now it doesn't anymore. Does anyone know if there is a switch that turns this on and off, or should I take it to the dealer for repair. I don't know if I inadvertently changed a setting or switched it off.
Everything else, speed, turn signals, radio etc show fine in the HUD. It's just the nav data that's missing.

05-21-09, 10:40 PM
I've not heard of this one. If you're cover by warranty, why not? Let us know.

05-29-09, 09:38 AM
My dealer told me I need new software for the Nav program, which they have ordered and will load when it arrives. Should be any day now. I'll post again when it works.

06-06-09, 01:02 PM
My dealer installed the new software for Nav, and the Nav information now appears in the Heads Up Display. Fixed!

06-06-09, 06:56 PM
My dealer installed the new software for Nav, and the Nav information now appears in the Heads Up Display. Fixed!

I have the same problem with the HUD and NAV systems (also a 2009 STS), but mine never did display the nav info on the HUD as stated on page 2-17 of the Nav Manual. My salesman and the Dallas area regional man didn't have any answers and said they would look into it. That was well over a month ago and have not heard a word back. The salesman even said it was probably a typo in the manuals. Also did the software update fix the NAV warning screen so it only comes up every 50 times as it says on page 1-7 of the 2009 NAV Manual?
Would you send me any info on the software and if possible your dealer name and address so when my dealer says they don't know about any software, I can show them a dealer who does.

06-06-09, 10:03 PM
easande - I think your salesman and 'regional man' just need to check another car. That's a key feature. Does the 2009 Manual really say that the Legal Disclosure only has to be OK'ed every 50th time? I'd even pay for that!

Here's the procedure to find firmware levels. I've not heard it's changed for 2009:

1. From the Navigation screen, press Menu.
2. On the Nav. Menu that shows big Change Route & Memory Points soft keys, press & hold a 'hidden soft key' located above the Memory Points soft key but below the top line of the display. After 5 seconds or so, a keypad appears with a prompt to Enter Diag PIN...
3. Enter 9448 and press 'OK'.
4. A menu is displayed. Some options are really cool. The source of this information, Bill Sadler, recommends being especially careful with 'Ship Mode' and 'Touch Screen' because you could corrupt something that requires a trained tech to fix.
5. Software Info leads to the firmware level information.

6. NO - THERE IS NO PLACE TO UNLOCK THE 'INMOTION' LIMITATIONS OF THE SYSTEM. That takes a Lockpick, see the tomm's 'Official' thread. But this is way cool! Here is what displayed on my 2006 1SG:

Broadcast Code: 3578
Supplier Code. : M
Trace No.: 051290790
BMP No.: 0015233578 OAA
BMP No.: 0015233578 OAA
SM No.1: 0015233579 OAA
SM No.2: 0015233580 OAA

<Next Page>
NAVI: 0F005
MAP DVD: V 03.07.1
Soft Rel: 5-03/11(5070)
Audio: 01.06
DVDX Mech: 030410N1
HARD Rel: 5-05/09(5129)
Pro.day: 5-05/09(5129)

<Right Column>
DVDX CORE: 36.10
DVDX APL: 08.50
Vehicle: GMX295
DVD F/W: 2.90
BOOT: 2A06
SWITCH: 00.09

After my Navi upgrade in January, the following codes changed:

Navi: 0FC15
Soft Rel: 6-03/29(6088)
Audio: 01.0C

The upgrade moved the MRC setting to a main menu, improved Bluetooth connectivity & Voice Recognition. I would expect the 2009's to already have this version or higher.

Have fun!

06-07-09, 05:08 PM
Hello easande,
The service advisor who got my STS fixed to show the Nav data in the HUD is named Allen, at Bellevue Cadillac (WA). His phone number is (425) 709-3338. Ask him to give you the details of the upgraded Nav software he put in Jeremy Butler's car. Allen is a friendly and efficient guy.
Good luck with the fix, and Drive Safe!

06-07-09, 10:09 PM
Thanks, I will call him tomorrow.

06-07-09, 10:28 PM
I tried the code and it would not do anything. The hidden key is still there and I got the keypad, but no luck after that.
Thanks for all the info. As I stated to JBStar above I plan on calling his dealer tomorrow.

06-07-09, 10:35 PM
Sounds like they changed the code for 2009. I'd bet there are other differences, too.

Denso Nav units were thought to be interchangable.


06-09-09, 10:06 AM
Sounds like they changed the code for 2009. I'd bet there are other differences, too.

Denso Nav units were thought to be interchangable.


Try 295660. It works for the 2008 STS.

06-09-09, 08:05 PM
Try 295660. It works for the 2008 STS.

Cool! Will someone with a 2008 post their firmware levels?

JBStar - If you're member, consider supporting the site. There's a lot of good information and people willing to share. :welcome:

06-21-09, 07:59 PM
JBSTAR: thanks for the nav/hud info. My dealer ordered and received the upgrade disk and installed it in my 2009 STS. It fixed the nav input to the hud and that part works great. It does not fix the warning screen that still requires me the push the I AGREE button every time, not once every 50 times as stated in the nav manual. I still have to check if it fixed anything else.

BarrNS: the code you listed (295660) works for the 2009 sts. Thanks. Now I have to figure out what all that stuff means. I have to check mine with the list ECHas3 listed.

06-22-09, 11:47 AM
easande: Glad the update got the HUD Nav working for you. I didn't notice anything much else in the new screens. Some things are differently positioned.... I agree with you it would be nice if we got the "once every 50 times" rather than "every time". Another thing that would be good would be if they updated the DVD maps. My street and house (built 2005) shows on Google, Live, Yahoo, and Mapquest, but is not on the DVD that came with my 2009 Cadillac. They must be using old data.

11-23-09, 08:06 AM
Just thought I'd comment on this thread. I had the same problem, no nav instructions in the hud. Just had my firmware upgraded Friday. Works great now!