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05-21-09, 03:01 AM
My fiance has a 1997 Cadillac STS. the check coolant level light keeps popping on. I say he has a hole in the radiator because everytime he puts antifreeze in it, it just runs out. people have suggested we buy some kind of liquid glass or something to bandaid it till he gets the money to fix it but he's nervous cuz he don't know if its the radiator or the hose. what do ya'll suggest

also he service steering system light keeps popping on and he has no idea what that means and sometimes the check stabiltiy system light pops on then goes off.

is there any way to stop the beeping. the service steering system light beeps every time it pops up on the screen

please help. he is in love with this car but too nervous to let anyone touch it because it cost so much to keep up.

05-21-09, 08:13 AM
Coolant loss - add coolant, locate the leak and go from there. If it runs straight out it could be as simple as a loose / cracked drain plug. The overflow tanks have been known to crack so maybe you can look there, too. It's popular consensus here that miracles don't come in a bottle. I would concentrate your troubleshooting elsewhere and avoid the snake oil products.

Stability message - Go to the Seville forum and locate the sticky at the top that gives instructions on "how to pull codes". Write these codes down and come back to the forum and post them - this is the langauge that forum users will understand to better help you.

It may be wise for you to "divide and conquer". You can leave your coolant question here in N* but consider starting a new thread in the Seville forum for the stability issue.

05-21-09, 10:41 AM
If the coolant "runs out" as you say, it should be easy to locate the leak. DO NOT put any snake oil sealant in the system. As Kranz said, locate and fix the leak.