View Full Version : Got car back after brakes got "repaired." Squeaking/Vibrating on off-ramp/Brake Lite?

durrk johnson
05-20-09, 01:03 PM
Hey guys... As some of you know, I just took my car in and had my brakes, master cylinder, pads, rotors replaced... Then my car was squeaking and vibrating on the way down the off ramp and then I took it in to those same mechanics... I told them about the problem and said it was unacceptable... I just got it back and they said they took a look at it and to drive it for a little while.. He said it was prolly because it was sitting all winter in their lot.

Now, I get it back yesterday and it seemed okay. I hit the brakes hard the first time to lock them up and they didnt, instead the brake pedal like hesitated and the car slowed down a little and the brake light came on... I said wtf?

So I tried again and the brake light went off and they locked up like they were suppossed too... So I did it a few more times to make sure they were working correctly.

Now today, Im driving I hear some sqeaks so Im thinking, "hey its just the new pads.."

Then i come down an off ramp and start to brake and my cars starts vibrating aggressively to a stop, and then after the block ahead the pedal sinks a little and the brake light comes on...So I press the brake pedal down a little and it turns off... So I started to try to make sure my brakes worked at regular speed and stops and they are... and I can lock the wheels up just by pressing a little hard but the brake light has came on twice now while a big stop was taking place... This is scaring me a bit.

I can see that they put a new master cylinder in... I dont know whats wrong, or what I should do. I need the car for work and dont want to bring it back to those guys. They even put a new alternator in for free because the one they put in in fall fried out.

Any advice appreciated! :worship:

durrk johnson
05-20-09, 01:06 PM
I just called the guy and told him what happened and he said, "well I cant look at it again til' tuesday."

I told him this is unacceptable and that I dont want to keep bringing my car back in there, and he said, "yeah, Ill take a look at it on tues." It has been the third time in a week now. I feel like Im gonna explode.

05-20-09, 05:48 PM
You need a new garage. I know you have heard that before, but you really need to listen. Time to cut your losses, and take your business elsewhere. Do NOT go back there. Talk to some people you know. Find a recommendation for another place.

durrk johnson
05-20-09, 06:31 PM
Yes, I will have to do that... It is just bad, now, The car vibrating on the offramp happened yet again and now on every stop I make the brakes squeal. I just saw a friend at the gas station and he was like "man this car used to be beautifulll!, what did you do to it." I am just plain depressed now.

05-20-09, 06:57 PM
I don't know if the shop has time to drive your car around and break in your brakes, but if they don't, then it sounds like you messed them up by doing panic stops without breaking them in. If that's the case then it kinda needs to be done over again and I'm not so sure whose fault that is. I do know some shops test drive brake jobs and I presume they do a little pad break in, but I doubt all shops have the time for that. Here is some brake info that somebody around here shared recently:


05-20-09, 07:16 PM
Well, it's been said before, but get the *hell* away from that shop! From the sound of it, they'd screw up a one car funeral, and they're going to "fix" your caddy right into the junk yard. Some people just shouldn't be allowed near cars. It's like when I got my Cutlass' engine replaced, the guy never bothered to re torque the heads, so, till the day I sold it, that car had a terminal oil leak.. which can only be fixed by taking the heads off.

Trust me, it'll just keep getting worse, after they get the brakes right (if they ever do, I haven't even mentioned my brake stories) let that be the last thing they mess up. Tell them exactly where to go, and let the locals know about them too. If they can't even get it right on a basic old RWD GM, they have no business anywhere near a car.

Sorry for the rant, I'm bitter towards mechanics in general, heh...


durrk johnson
05-20-09, 07:45 PM
Thanks guys...

Cadillac Al: Well, I dont think I messed them up, probably just made it worse... This all started happening before I tried to test them with panic stops... And I only started the panic stop thing after the second time my car came back.

Benzilla: Im not really sure what Im suppossed to do, My parents basically borrowed me the money for this brake job and man, its alot of money to just cut as a loss... The brake job alone came out to about 1100 dollars... I bought my car for 2800.

At this point Im not sure if I should even keep the car. I love it but shes just getting worse in my hands... Like I said, I bought her for 2800, theres now a huge dent in the rear quarter panel, with broken bumper fillers and a paintjob whos clearcoat is basically all flaked off... Ive basically spent more money on repairs than I have for the whole car. And to get her back to how she was its will probably cost 3000 of body/paint work.

Also, I just saw a frickin mint condition coupe deville about the same age as mine today at the lake. All cream with cream color interior, It was absolutely flawless. It looked brand new... Then I walked up to my car and felt very sad.

05-20-09, 08:04 PM
your going about this the wrong way my friend you seriously need to go to a reputable shop at this point it doesnt matter what car you get they all have issues its not the car its the shop keep the caddy find a decent shop that will work with you and get her back to shape she deserves it after what that shop has done and try a compound and wax to the paint......post some pics too

durrk johnson
05-20-09, 11:03 PM
Here are some pics of her that I just took..

durrk johnson
05-20-09, 11:04 PM
And some shots of the paint damage...

durrk johnson
05-20-09, 11:12 PM
and some shots w/ flash so you can see the paint/rust/dent damage...

05-21-09, 03:30 AM
Thats a nice coupe, dont get rid of it. But, damn, eleven hundred dollars...that thing better be able to do 60-0 in about 8 inches. For that price, the shop has to get it right! Try using the "I want a refund" method. Or taking the mechanic for a ride to show him/her

05-21-09, 07:36 AM
$1100 for a brake job may qualify for the Guiness Book of World Records. I wish I could find customers like that. I'd feel like a crook if I charged over $200 for a brake job; I must be stuck in the 70's or something. I would say bringing the car back to this shop is out of the question. They are obviously crooks. I always thought every town had older experienced guys doing mechanic work out of their garage that aren't so profit motivated. You need to ask around and shop around for a decent mechanic. Those old cars are very easy to work on and some older guys may enjoy working on an older Caddy.

05-21-09, 08:32 AM
OOPS Pardon me, I forgot you had a master cylinder and other stuff, more than a basic $150 brake job. It's still pretty high though.