: Replacing a DRL Bulb

05-20-09, 12:57 PM
Just picked up a used 2005 SRX this weekend and noticed that the passenger side DRL is burnt out. Has anyone replaced these before and how much of a chore is it.

I have plenty of tools and the skill to do most automotive repairs but working on new rigs is considerably different than my 38 or 51 Chevies (LOL):thepan:

Thanks in advance for any helpful hints.:worship:


05-20-09, 01:13 PM
Do a search, all the info is here.

05-20-09, 02:56 PM
I did that first thing as well as a thorough search on the net. Could not find a reference to DRL's.:banghead:

05-20-09, 03:48 PM
The factory authorized procedure involves taking off the bumper cover, however folks here have found that it is easier to remove the inner fender liners instead.

An 06 may still be under warranty, and believe it or not, burnt out bulbs are covered. On the DRLs, there is a TSB out there that calls for installation of updated sockets if the sockets are burned/melted, which is frequently the case. I let the dealer do mine under warranty so I could get the upgraded sockets for that reason, and save my knuckle scraping for non-warranty repairs.

05-20-09, 03:56 PM
Many thanks!

Isn't amazing what you have to do to change a simple bulb?

I could rebuild a 327 small block in 24-48 hours but have to remove fender liners or bumper covers to change a bulb!:histeric:

05-21-09, 11:37 AM
If anyone can post a link to some information on this it would be greatly appreciated. :worship:

05-21-09, 05:17 PM
Just picked up a used 2005 SRX this weekend and noticed that the passenger side DRL is burnt out. Has anyone replaced these before and how much of a chore is it.

I have plenty of tools and the skill to do most automotive repairs but working on new rigs is considerably different than my 38 or 51 Chevies (LOL):thepan:

Thanks in advance for any helpful hints.:worship:


05-21-09, 08:41 PM
I replaced my fog light bulbs with higher quality one and the DRL's are in the same housing. I did a search on here and found the info I needed, with pictures. I believe I typed in "change foglight bulb." Anyway here is how I did it: I removed the font tire. Although you can probably just turn the steering wheel as far as it will go & that may give you enough clearance. Next I removed the inner fender liner and then I had access to the housing wither the DRL's. FYI, you will need a small star driver to remove the cover from the housing. From there you are home free. I hope this helps. (05 SRX diamond white)

05-21-09, 11:18 PM
Many thanks for the replies regarding this topic. Unfortunately, I am needing to replace the DRL (Daytime Running Light) that resides in the headlight housing cluster. The photos and instruction are regarding the turn signal and fog lamps that reside in a seperate lower housing (I will definitely keep this info for later!)

Anyone have info or link to getting at the headlight housing and the DRL?

Thanks in advance!


05-22-09, 05:22 AM
The turn signals ARE the Daytime Running Lights.

05-22-09, 04:26 PM
The turn signals ARE the Daytime Running Lights.
We have problem, HOUSTON!!!:bomb:
What we had was a failure to communicate....................I had an idea of the problem when drjothen did a search and came up empty.

05-23-09, 06:55 PM
Bandit, unless I am mistaken the DRL's are located in the lower corners of each headlight housing and look like little flashlights. They turn off when the headlams are activated. Turn signals are turn signal and/or parking lights and are amber in color. If these lamps are called something different on a Cadillac than they are on my Z06 Corvette, then please advise.

Still looking for help or it will be cash in the dealers hands! I would be willing to send a nice care package of some fine cigars to the person who can help!:worship:

Thanks in advance,


Jake's SRX
05-23-09, 07:54 PM
Those little bulbs are not the DRL. Not sure what they are called but mine turn on when I lock or unlock, and have the headlights or high beams on. Don't really see a reason for them other than appearance. The dealer had to change the drivers side as it was out when we bought the SRX and said it was a $3.00 bulb and 1.1 hours to change. So I just looked at the owners manual and couldn't find anything to help. The dealer did say it was quite the job but I think they went through the wheel well to do it. Sorry doesn't seem like I was much help other than I actually started the car and had the wife put in drive turn on all the lights to see when those actually come on and now I know.
Good Luck, I would try this myself through the well as I don't think I could get into to much trouble... I would even start removing the grill/ bumper but the wife would have something to say... Take picture so you can put it back the same way and not end up with spare parts. You will be the expert on this here after....

05-23-09, 10:36 PM
Jake, thanks for the help and we are on the same page. If you are a cigar smoker, drop me a note and I will send you some goodies.

After further review, Bandit is correct:thepan: Evidently Cadillac has decided to go a different direction that other GM models and call the turn signal a DRL! We always called them parking lights.

Both my Corvette and my Avalanche have a true DRL system with a white light that automatically turns on when you take the car out of park. No messing with the headlight stalk or switches. I always drive with the parking lights on anyway so I guess I have the DRL's (per Cadillac's definition) on as well.

So I'm guessing that the little light in the headlamp assembly is the "parking light" as reference on page 3-16 of the manual.

Thanks to all who attempted to help. I can assure you that I have not fallen off of a turnip truck and have built my fair share of street & hot rods. You know, cars you can actually work on!:cookoo:

05-24-09, 08:53 AM
I leave my headlight switch on Auto. That way you get the DRLs during the day without the tail lights being on possibly confusing the driver behind you. Then the DRLs turn off when the headlights come on as it gets dark.

05-24-09, 09:02 AM
I guess this topic discussion proves the power of cross-examination..it fleshes out the REAL truth
BTW, is this the first time these "little" bulbs have ever been mentioned in 6 years of the SRX's and this board's existence?

05-25-09, 02:23 AM
Louis, what is your point? I am trying to figure out if you are trying to help or being sarcastic. Since we obviously had a terminology issue regarding just what these particular lamps were called, it only makes sense that a search may or may not have turned up the information required to get the answer I needed.

Once I was able to ascertain that the small lamps in the headlight assembly are referred to as either "parking" or "marker" lamps (which I acknowledged my error compared to other GM vehicles)and not DRL's, I was able to do a search and find the information I needed.

In that search I found another remark similar to yours where someone back in 07 stated that this particular information had been on the site for 4 years! Rather than that poster being helpful, they chose to treat the individual asking the question as a moron. I certainly hope that is not your intent. There is enough of that crap on the Corvette forum and I certainly hope that Cadillac owners are not in that same mold. I am still trying to convince some of those folks that a Corvette is not the only quality vehicle made. :welcome:



05-25-09, 10:22 PM
Just making the point that a full discussion fleshes out the problem,, Nothing personal. I never paid any attention to your problem bulbs...but there had been numerous threads on, DRL/turnsignal bulbs. So I assumed that was the bulbs you were talking about since you called them DRL in your original post. I was wrong. Not the first time.

05-26-09, 11:22 PM
Called the dealer, said the bulb replacement wouldn't be covered, but if it was the socket it would be covered, so now I have to trust them. Hopefully they'll say it was the socket. Mentioned the TSB, he had no idea what I was talking about and had no immediate interest in looking it up. Does anyone have the number ? Thanks.

Professor Wizard
05-27-09, 10:20 AM
If it isn't going to be covered under warranty, I would attempt to replace it yourself. You will be looking at a $200 to $400 bill because of the hours to disassemble the front of your SRX to get to the bulbs, involved at Dealer Shop rates.

I am thinking either Cadillac figured the bulbs would never blow so they didn't need to design access to them... OR: They figured they would drum up a few thousand hours of shop time for their dealerships by designing them to be the most difficult bulbs in automotive history to replace!

05-27-09, 11:37 AM
I just had the extra bulbs in the headlamp cluster replaced under warranty at my dealer. I call them City Lights because that's what BMW and other euro manufacturers call small extra white lights in the headlamp assembly, but they serve the same function as Parking Lights -so I call them that too.

I call the DRL/Turn Signal lights either DRLs or Turn Signals - if I recall correctly, they turn off when the headlamps come on, which parking lights do not generally do.

07-19-09, 10:57 PM
Got a 2007 SRX, replaced them three times at the local dealer, seems it's a lost battle and besides the hasstle of an all day job for a turn signal bulb would want a reliable solution, thinkng of adding over the bumper lights to have turn signals, has anybody done something similar



08-01-09, 07:59 PM
My driver's side just went out again - -second lamp within a year . ..first one was covered under warranty at dealer -- passenger's side went out last month and I had a local shop[ replace it thinking it would be less expensive than the hassle of going to the dealer - - $125 later . .new $10 bulb.

This has to be a fundamental design or manufacturing flaw - - am going back to the dealer again enxt week. I don't care about the daytime running lights . ..but turn signals are nice . . .

08-01-09, 08:30 PM
DRL went out, meaning no turn signal. Not knowing if bulb or socket. Have the extended warranty. It turned out the be the bulb and they replaced under warranty. Zero dollars to me. Thanks GM.

08-02-09, 11:15 AM
I don't understand this at all.... of all the cars I've owned in my life, and I've had a few, I've never seen a car that went through bulbs as fast as this SRX and what a pain to replace. It's infuriating!!! I guess it's what I get for taking a chance on buying American again. Funny, but this bulb is making me recosider my position on bailing out GM.

And SHAME on GM for not fixing the problem or finding a solution.

08-02-09, 02:57 PM
Are you kidding me, taking a chance buying american because of a bulb?

Mine has not failed yet, it did stop working so I filled up the socket with grease and it has been good since, the socket gets hot and melts the bulb base.

The japanese cars must have cooler bulbs?

My mother in laws 325 had a bulb go out and the bulb is special, long story short they replaced all the bulbs on the outside to get the warning light on the dash off.

To change the water pump or timing belt on my A4/A6 the front clip of the car has to swing out, bumper rad support everything. They would also need new turbos at some point, I would rather change a bulb than a turbo.

Visit other forums, all cars have there problems, I realy don't think one more than another. I am not even an American I just hate domestic bashers, all the car makers suck in one way or another.

08-02-09, 10:28 PM
I had an older Land Rover and a Volvo where what looked like a standard brake light bulb replacement, wasn't. Well, the pins were just slightly offset enought that they wouldn't fit, you have to buy them from the dealer. I just filed off the offending pin and stuck it in, turned it, good to go.

09-10-09, 11:36 AM
So does anyone actually know what bulb type it is?

Is it a 3457?

09-10-09, 02:13 PM
nm, it's a w5w which you can also use a 194 for.

I'm going to rock these: http://autolumination.com/194.htm

09-10-09, 08:24 PM
So does anyone actually know what bulb type it is?

Is it a 3457?

I used a Sylvania 3757A LL (long life) from Autozone.

And boy does it help to have a 7mm racheting end wrench to get the friggin inboard fastener :brutal: that retains the light module to the front end assy.

Amazon.com: Gear Wrench 9107 7mm Combination Ratcheting Wrench: Automotive

The hard to access DRL is a bad design, IMHO and I'm a retired GM engineer.

09-12-09, 05:18 PM
I've replaced 3 in the past 14 months . . .2 covered under warranty at the dealer - - I made the mistake of asking a small local shop to do it and was charged $125 . .Makes a fella want to simply ignore it when the warranty's done . .