: So my V might be down yet again....

05-20-09, 09:18 AM
It seems to be making a metal on metal bearing type of sound when the car is at a stop, in gear and slowly coming up off the clutch. it happens are 600 rpm and if you hold it there the sound will continue happening. I have no noise in neutral or when the clutch is fully pressed to the floor. It also makes no noise once the car is moving.

originally I was going to keep driving it but I have no idea what it is and i dont need a small issue to become a huge one. Ive had various techs, engineers and other smart people listen to it and so far here is what they think it might be.
1)a Bad throw out bearing
2) flywheel bolts might be backing out or seperating
3) maybe some bearing on the input shaft

1 and 2 have been the overall ideas people have come away with. I cant use the lifts here so thats a no go to get it into the air. Luckily my boss had a car which i could use so i'm not walking everywhere.

Since this is possibly a wear item it isnt going to be covered under my warranty so i would be paying dealer labor time to diag this issue and pull the tranny. I would rather save some cash and pull the trans myself ( ive done many fwd trans but i havent pulled a rwd trans since i was 12 and that was in a work van.)

So i have two questions for you guys.
1) where can i find detailed instructions on how to pull the trans out of the car. I read the stuff on the faq but it didnt have a " haynes manual" sort of breakdown. Is it just so simple that its understandable once under the car? also can it be done on jack stands or would i need a lift it its to tall?

and how much time would it take roughly for me to do it or a shop to do it?

2) any ideas on what you guys think the noise might be?

I might order a short shifter if i pull the trans myself. sucks but that isnt what i want to do with the money i saved to do some exterior mods. any help would be nice.


05-20-09, 11:57 AM
luckily i work at an auto company or i would go nuts waiting for a reply from you guys.

I had a ZF guy take a look at it and he said it sounds like a throw out bearing that doesnt have enough grease on it. that or the flywheel moving on itself.

i'm gonna drive it a bit today and see whats what with it.

05-20-09, 04:09 PM
Glad we could help:D

05-20-09, 05:59 PM
Figure about 8-9 hours to do it yourself on the floor. It's pretty straight forward.

05-20-09, 08:13 PM
Will, PM me your email address.

From your description, it sounds like a throwout bearing.

05-20-09, 08:20 PM
I could possibly get you the information layed out in the mitchell on demand site for a tranny removal, if interested gimmie a shout.

05-20-09, 09:33 PM
Grease on the bearing? Isnt it a sealed unit?

If you are doing the pull yourself, you can do it alot faster if you pull the hood, then the plastic peices for the windshield wipers, take that stuff off, then you can reach down really easy and get all the bolts from the tranmission, It gives you a little more room to get the top stuff.

05-20-09, 09:42 PM
i think he meant maybe grease on the through out bearing housing. but thanks alot guys im gonna use these steps when i plan on doing it.