: Venting.....

DopeStar 156
05-19-09, 02:29 AM
As if the last two weeks weren't shitty enough, on Sunday I lost the ring my grandfather gave me before he died...... perfect.....

I put it on Sunday afternoon, went outside, uncovered my Fleetwood, started it up, beat the dirt outta my floormats, and left the house for the gas station. In the car I noticed it was missing. I feel like complete and utter shit since it was my only momento of my grandfather who was like my best friend as a kid. I've been looking for a couple days now and it still hasn't turned up. I had it on my pinky on my right hand, it was white gold with a star sapphire in the center and two diamonds accenting it on either side. I wore it everyday and would quick kiss it for luck if I was doing something where I felt I needed it. I'm just at about my wits end now, I need to find it but I don't know what else to do.......

05-19-09, 08:06 AM
:( Sorry to hear it, Dope. I can only suggest that you keep looking; hopefully it will turn up. Do you know anyone who owns a metal detector?

05-19-09, 08:10 AM
That sucks Dope, I hope you find it. RT has a good suggestion. :yup:

05-19-09, 09:53 AM
Good luck Dope! Hopefully it will turn up. :)

05-19-09, 02:38 PM
You can get metal detectors at the tool rental place.

05-19-09, 11:43 PM
From the sequence of events laid out, I would try looking 1) in the car cover, it could have got caught up when you were folding it; 2) on the ground some distance from where you beat out the mats, try to remember how you were standing and the arc your hand travelled as you beat the mats, the ring will be some distance away within that arc; 3) on the floor of the car, especially under the seats.

I'm really, really sorry to hear you've misplaced your ring. I know I'd go crackers if I ever lost the pocket watch my dad gave me. Best of luck in finding it.