View Full Version : Car doesn't turn off. (Olds 307)

05-18-09, 10:46 PM
Hello all,

I put an Olds 307 in my '82 Deville. I'm almost finished with the swap and today when I started it up the car didn't turn off. This was the first time I ran it with fuel lines to the carb so it didn't stop running from being deprived of fuel.

I have taken out the computer. What could be causing this? How does the car cut the power when the key is in the off position? Does it just cut power to the distributor? I believe I have it set like that. After I turned the key off it went to turn off and dieseled for a few seconds and came right back up to idle.


05-20-09, 09:29 AM

Fixed it. Verified that the power to the distributor was only getting power when the key was in the "run" position or cranking. Timing was way too far advanced. Throttle was stuck and pulling the carb open about 25%. Wew! :)