: Sell it or part it out?

05-18-09, 08:49 PM
So I have a 1992 Brougham D'Elegance that I bought last year. Per my earlier posts, I was looking at having it painted, but ended up buying a 1991 D'Elegance that didn't need paint, and had less kilometers on it.
I'm not experienced in car repairs at all, although I'd like to change that.
What I'm wondering is just exactly how hard is it to get parts for a 1991 Brougham 5.7 these days. I spent $2500.00 on my original, and put $1300 worth of work into it. The 1991 runs like clockwork (knock on wood) but let's face it, it's nearly 20 years old and things are going to wear out.
I bought some trim the other day from a guy who said he had a friend who might buy the car for $2500.00, so I'd get what I paid for it (although not what I put into it). Then I started to wonder if I wouldn't be better off keeping it for a parts car in case things started going down the line. I know the engines are fairly simple on these cars...I was thinking more along the lines of electrical components like the power door lock/window controls, turn signal lights,trim, chrome, electronic dash, etc. I was thinking I could strip most of the parts off of the car and store them, then have the rest hauled away.
What does everyone think? Is the car worth more in parts than it is whole? It runs well, and the only reason I bought the 1991 is that it was much cheaper than painting the 92.

05-18-09, 09:57 PM
Sell it whole.

There were lots of these made, and parts are cheap.