: 79 Fleetwood AC compressor

tom bakkum
05-16-09, 05:44 PM
From the Panama Republic: looking for a new AC comperssor; on every website my ac compressor looks different fromt he ones those sites are showing: mine is long, on the sites they show short ones...

05-16-09, 07:23 PM
What year is the car?

05-16-09, 07:35 PM
You probably need an A6 compressor:


And the pics you are seeing are R4 compressors:


05-16-09, 11:52 PM
Mine has the R4 compressor but that is because of the 350. I am not sure what the 5.0 engines had.

05-17-09, 11:27 AM
The 5.0s (both Chev and Olds) got R4s. The switch over happened in the late 70s, I believe. Searching rockauto for a couple of minutes will give the exact year...


I'm back with more info. I think the problem here is that the car is an export car. Likely got different equipment than North American cars.

I have searched, and it looks like your car is supposed to have the R4 compressor. According to the info I have found, 1977 was the last year for the A6.

You can probably buy the compressor for the 77 and install it on your car, if you already have the A6 on there...

05-17-09, 06:04 PM
I still have no idea what year car we are talking about...

05-17-09, 08:39 PM
Sorry, dirt. He PM'ed me and told me it was a 79...