: Some notes on W4ME exhaust install

05-16-09, 05:17 PM
Just finished installing Jesses exhaust system with no mufflers and thought i might give you a heads up if your a shade tree mechanic like me. The 4 rubber holders at the very back of the car need to be pushed on over the lip that holds it in place for the stock muffler. Use plenty of silicone lube to make it easier to push over. These hold the system at the right level. You may have to bend the forks that are welded on the new pipe to center it, once the system is in place.
There is a cross bar about in the middle of the stock system that has to be removed and altough Jesse didn't seem to think it was neccessary, I feel it will give the system more stability to keep it. To keep it you will need to replace the stock 8mm bolts with some two inch ones from the local hardware store. Also needed are a couple of flat washers and some red Loctite.
The system is now solid, and as for sound, it is a little louder. It is the loudest at idle and seems to vary idle speed at times. I think it will be ok, but i haven't had a chance to really test it. I figure if it gets to be a little to much noise for me, and can put on a couple of good flow thru mufflers and that should take care of it. I won't get a chance to do any testing till next week. I'll report back then. Cecil........

05-16-09, 06:18 PM
I found a few minutes to take it out and for me, the sound is a little to loud. I'm afraid that if i get on it and a cop is nearby, i'm in for enhanced interogation. Here in Ca the consequences are bad news. I will have to put on some flow thru mufflers to keep the decibles down. Now i will have to look around to see whats out that will fit under the car. I don't want to cut up the stock system. The sound and feel of power when i get on it, is great. Cecil..........:crying:

05-16-09, 06:44 PM
Nice write up. Any videos yet?

05-16-09, 08:19 PM
You should hear my Lamborghini with straight pipes and no muffler.