: Passenger side outside mirror

05-15-09, 08:38 PM
2006 STS V8.....When I start the car the passenger outside mirror starts adjusting and it keeps trying to move to the furthest position ( makes clicking noise) When I put into either drive or reverse it does the same. It lasts for about 10 seconds and I have to manually adjust the mirror everytime. Anyone have this problem?

05-15-09, 10:12 PM
The clicking is a problem. It has adjusted to the limit & keeps trying or has a stripped gear. If you're not under warranty, you might be able to avoid a repair by setting it as you like it and saving your driver settings again. Repeat for the other driver. Then make sure your backup/parking assist switch (in the center of the adjusting control) is in the center or left position so that reverse doesn't cause the right mirror to look at the curb/parking line.

05-17-09, 11:55 AM
I may be out in left field here, but I think I remember having that trouble with the 2005 several years ago. It seems to me the problem was the coordination between the normal position of the mirror when driving forward and the setting for the curb/reverse setting. What I would try ding is: (1) putting mirror position to right side, putting car in reverse, then adjusting the mirror for perfect curb viewing on the right. Then take the car out of reverse, wait until the mirror settles down and readjust the mirror for correct rear viewing. Then go to Config and hold down the driver personnel selection icon until it beeps 3 times. Now when you go back in reverse the mirror should tilt down properly and when you go out of reverse, the mirror should tilt up to the right position.

If that doesn't work then (2) start with the adjusting the normal right position of the mirror, then put car in reverse and adjust the curb/reverse position. Set the Driver 1 (or 2) personnel selection.

I think in the 2008 they have corrected that problem by making each position independent of the other.

05-17-09, 06:59 PM
I've had this problem too. Also seems to confuse Driver 1 and 2. I know someone else with the same problem.

Dealer replaced entire mirror and I still have the problem. Just keep changing the memorized position until the bad noises are minimized.

05-18-09, 05:54 AM
My Bravada did a similar thing; it wasn't the mirror, it was something electronic that controlled the memory settings. (may or may not apply to your STS)