View Full Version : I got a ticket in daddy's CTS-V .

05-15-09, 02:59 PM
Hi, I am Maria (Im taken, lol) and my dad traded his M5 for a 2008 CTS-V and I already recieved a ticket by laser. I thought I would do something nice for my dad and buy him a laser jammer and my co-worker says he just bought a Blinder laser jammer and it served him well with no tickets. My dad is out of town as he is a pilot for Alaska Airlines and I want to suprise him for his B-Day. My co-worker said he bought his laser jammer in a groupbuy and that saved him alot of money so he recommended that I do the same. So would anyone here be interested in a blinder laser jammer groupbuy and we can all save money? If this goes well I can organize a COACH purse groupbuy, because I could always another purse. LOL

05-16-09, 08:42 AM
New user wanting to organize group buy (x2....one for purses :pwn:). And you own an '08 V? Riiiight.

Let me guess: everyone can send their money to you via paypal and you'll take care of everything. I don't think we can allow this to happen here. Let this be your last group buy thread please.