: Air conditioner

05-15-09, 02:55 PM
As a new owner of a 2006 STS i am learning how all the various functions and buttons work.
It hasn't gotten hot here yet so I haven't used the climate control much.
The other day on the turnpike I tried the climate control on auto and the air coming out of the vent wasn't very cold. I tried to set it down to 60 figuring it would freeze me out but it didn't.
Today with temp 70 degrees I again set it at 60 and it didn't cool very well.
Is it my not understanding how the auto works or is something not right.
When it gets in the 90's I don't think this will be sufficient to keep the interior cool.
Any help?

05-15-09, 03:16 PM
The performance of the A/C is sufficient to keep the interior comfortable on a 118deg. F. afternoon in Needles, California.

The A/C factors in the outside temperature when adjusting the operating perameters. In your case, it knows how cool the weather is and compensates accordingly.

05-15-09, 07:32 PM
Most climate control systems will go to Maximum when turned down to the lowest settings. Virtually all will cool at max whether you're 10 degrees to hot or 50 degrees too hot. In other words, like the manual says, it won't cool any faster setting it to 60 in a hot car.

JORB, get it checked out. It's the right time of year for a cheap check. Shop the coupons, etc. I haven't read that the STS AC is anything special.

If you do need Freon, make sure they use the dye so any leaks will be easy to find. Hope it's not in the dash.

05-20-09, 10:57 AM
Thanks for the replies to my question.
I purchased an extended warranty from the seller and he took it in his shop yesterday.
It wasn't my imagination that the vent flow was not cool.
He found that there was dirt in the compressor filter which restricted flow so after purging the system and recharging with freon it works fine-and yes he did use dye to detect any future leaks.

05-20-09, 11:48 PM
Good job. Thanks for reporting back what you found to be the problem. It may very well help someone else in the future.

Texas Jim