: Dash pad

05-15-09, 01:34 PM
Anyone have something like this

Any good? Thinking about getting one, the dash plastic just looks a little cheap to me, and this is cheaper/easier than finding a Platinum or V series leather dash. Not sure if it would look better or worse though.

05-15-09, 02:16 PM
that looks TERRIBLE

05-15-09, 06:45 PM
Carpet on the dash?

05-15-09, 07:50 PM
MHO--that is so 80s!

05-15-09, 08:12 PM
Horrid. Tacky.

05-16-09, 04:21 AM
epic fail

05-16-09, 09:19 AM
I, personally don't care for the dash pad myself (even in the 70s) but if thats what you like and want by all means make yourself happy.Different strokes for different folks.Dont pay no attention to the HATERS :hide:.....LOL. Buy and enjoy your new dashmat...good luck

05-16-09, 09:20 AM
sorry double post

05-16-09, 01:08 PM
I lived in Phoenix for about 5 years.
If you guys have never lived in the desert and seen what the heat and sun can do to a dash - don't be so quick to judge.

Dash mats were almost 'standard' equipment on cars there from my memory. of course, i'm not there anymore - and wouldn't use one in my STS now.

05-17-09, 12:01 AM
hi, i live in texas.

05-19-09, 05:35 PM
I have dash mats for all of my vehicles since my dash cover in my 72 Jimmy Custom disintegrated after being in the sun for several years. Dash mat makes a good one, as do others. My only caution to you is get a dark one, the sun will light them up and the windshield glare on a sunny day is nasty. Perhaps going to a good yardage shop and buying a yard of black non-glare material, perhaps flannel, would be a better choice, and a lot less expensive. If you plan on keeping the car and park it in the sun, protect that dash with something. Split or sun burned dashes sure don't increase the resale value either.

05-20-09, 05:26 PM
Don't leave your car in the sun or cover it and you won't need one.

I never liked them or needed one on any of my cars. Plus I never could stand it sliding of the dash during hard cornering or gluing it or the velcro to the dash.

05-20-09, 07:26 PM
A lot of people swear by the reflecting sun shades. I'm too lazy! If I lived farther south, I might feel different (Black/black STS).

05-20-09, 07:52 PM
I live in Albuquerque, where the sun is intense and out almost every day. I use a sun shade in my windshields every day--this is enough to protect the dash from sun fade/cracking.

05-20-09, 10:43 PM
Ditto, I live in Tampa and it's brutal in the summer. I also have the OEM sunshade for the rear window which cuts down on radiational heating in the rear section of the car.