: new grille in and some answers too

05-14-09, 12:06 PM
Bought my 06 sts v8, awd online from a terrific auto wholesaler in Ohio for $23k delivered. It has 14k miles on it and a clean carfax so I feel pretty good. Just ordered an extra fob and key on ebay, and am set to have it buffed well next week. The black does show everything and the buff job on it wasn't good when it arrived.
Got the fine mesh grille in yesterday, whoever had posted it took them 90 min must be a god, it took my guy nearly all of 3 hours to get it all in and set just right. Looks a million times better, now just have to save my pennies for the v hood. Thank god I didn't try it myself!! The online instructions did make it look much simpler than it really was to install.
Anyway, while waiting, I tried to slueth out why it had so many paint issues, looks very touched up. Found the company label that leased it on the warranty book, got to the man in charge of leasing and found it was the company owner's wife's car. Turns out she must have been blind in one eye and couldn't see out of the other (hehe) as she hit anything stationary she could and didn't really care about it. Quite a headache for the leasing guy, but at least I know more now. That's the stress of buying from internet photos, the paint looked great in pics but in the sun in person you could see it had some issues. (or maybe I'm a bit too anal about it)
Either way, doing well with it. Can't complain at all about the driving, interior features or even the resolving of making it look nicer. Of course, most folks might not even notice, but I do and that's all I care about.
Thanks again everyone for all of your help as well as all I'm learning reading here. If anyone needs a stock grille, let me know...... : ) got one in the garage.....
Thanks and have a great day! kath

05-14-09, 02:07 PM
Pictures or it didn't happen :-P

05-15-09, 12:35 PM
tried to upload three pics, told me a security token is missing, anyone know what that means I have to do???
they're on my facebook (how crazy is that, but with teenagers have to have one to see what their world is up to!!)

05-16-09, 03:18 PM
Tried to PM you about the stock grill, but it wouldnt let me send. Send me your email address. I may be interesed in it for a project.



05-17-09, 04:41 PM
please email me at Pchefkath@aol.com for some odd reason, I can only PM moderators on this system, maybe because I didn't do supporting member yet, don't know for sure.
Here are (I hope) links to the pictures of my car....