View Full Version : Disc copy protection error when making MP3 cd on Nav unit?

05-14-09, 04:19 AM
Hi all,

Upon using windows to burn MP3 folders and MP3 files to a disc, and closing the session, I put the disc in my Nav unit, and it says "Disc copy protection error." I only see one other thread on here that mentions that, and it is relating to DVDs.

Any idea what would cause this, and how to fix it?


05-14-09, 07:28 AM
hmmm, I've never seen this error when trying to play an MP3 disk. just to check, you aren't using a DVD disk and you aren't trying to load the disk into the nav slot are you? What are you using for burning software? these are all MP3 files correct? There are no WMA or other music formatted files on the disk correct?

05-14-09, 12:43 PM
Problem solved: Used nero 9 to burn a data disc. Works 100%.