View Full Version : 94-96 Fleetwood radio question...

05-13-09, 10:52 PM
OK.. so it's not FOR a Cadillac, it's FROM a Cadillac. I have a 1984 Corvette, which came with a Delco/Bose system with a tape deck. Not a bad stereo, but it died somewhere through my ownership of the car, and was replaced with a Camaro Delco/Bose radio, which works OK but now the integral amps in the speakers are dying, so it's time to upgrade. I purchased (for a lot of money!) the Delco Cassette/CD radio from a Fleetwood. Turns out this is one of those weird radios where half is in the trunk and half is up front. Is there any way to make this work as a regular radio, or will I need the half from the trunk, and assuming that's so, is there any way to integrate it into the systems of a car ten years older than the one it was designed for?