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05-13-09, 10:42 PM
Im looking for a after market ait box and filter for my 2000 deville any one know who makes one or who makesthe best one
thanks Trash

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05-14-09, 07:36 AM
There is so much posted on so-called "cold air intakes" for your car that it would take a NYC telephone book-sized binder to hold it all.

Your car already has a completely efficient CAI, larger than the engine needs at WOT. (Unfortunately, there's no bling built in.) Change to a WIX filter, which has more filtration area than Fram or the way overpriced K&N. Read up on some small air tract mods you can do yourself. There are no HP gains from aftermarket air boxes for our cars. Noisier, yes. Meaningful gains, no. Thus the post by Raze. He's been there, done that.......

Save your money and get a CORSA (www.corsaperformance.com) exhaust catback.

05-14-09, 08:02 PM
what about super chargers?

05-14-09, 08:29 PM
The was a guy here that did it. How much money do you have and how fast do you want to go? I think it cost him (Mark) $10,000+

05-14-09, 10:11 PM
That was a turbocharger. Cool mod but I'd rather take the $10,000 and buy a second car for going fast...maybe a Trans Am or Mustang GT. The Cadillac is faster than it needs to be stock.

05-14-09, 10:34 PM
That was a turbocharger.
Oops, I was close. I knew it was some kind of charger.

05-15-09, 08:35 AM
Actually, when we went through this about 5 months ago, the final total was in excess of $14,500. It was a one-off, custom install, an unholy bitch due to the FWD and zero room to work. Others come aboard with "Oh, yeah, I can get a kit from Joe's Turbo Taxi for $1995 and slap it in." So far, none of them have succeeded. Remote turbo ? .........put the car up on a frame hoist, pop a beer, walk around underneath and look hard. Where ????

It would be interesting to see a supercharger under the hood of an Eldorado - transverse engine and all. Trouble is, AJxtcman was working on a blower install for another GM car in this Forum ("How to Install An Eaton ..........") and that has disappeared also.

Not to mention the engine and powertrain control hacks that would have to be done, but which haven't been cracked to date. Just sayin'..........

It would be fun.......I've done some work with GM 4-71's and 6-71's years ago on Chevy SB's. I'll be dead before anyone successfully mates a blower to a sidewinder 4.6 Northstar daily driver.

05-15-09, 05:00 PM
That was a turbocharger. Cool mod but I'd rather take the $10,000 and buy a second car for going fast...maybe a Trans Am or Mustang GT. The Cadillac is faster than it needs to be stock.

faster than it needs to be?
im kinda new here so ill be nice but you just lost all credit

05-16-09, 07:00 AM
trash, With all due respect, chazglenn3 is basically saying that a FWD Northstar is a Cadillac, not a ricer or Mustang. You have the base DeVille, which is the sedate 275 HP/3.11 final drive package. Just as with my STS, there is no aftermarket stuff which will give meaningful power/mileage gains except maybe the CORSA exhaust (It will take me 125 years to amortize the cost vs. gas savings). Just keep the car clean, tuned well, and enjoy the drive. You can always bolt on some bling, but then it's no longer a Cadillac.

For most of us FWD Northstar drivers the only real, measureable horsepower gain is to go to RWD with a Rolls Royce Merlin V-12.

One of my favorite pitches is sort of like "Use the Cadillac to tow the trick 454 Camaro to the track."

trash, Take a long rainy day to surf through all the Seville, Deville, Cadillac Technical, and Northstar Performance Forums to find out what's already been tried and accomplished. Read the entire Cadillac Technical Archive up ^^^^ in the black bar.

05-16-09, 03:54 PM
thats cool I trust all of your opinions and you saved me a butt load of time
I thank ill get a wicks
thanks everyone Trash