: 97 Deville w/o Bose... question concerning mystery amp in back

05-13-09, 04:31 PM
Alright, so I've finally decided to swap in a set of jbl mid/lows to the front and some boston acoustic tweeters that came outta our old suburu along with an aftermarket head unit, a rockwall (dont' remember the spelling) sub enclosure with 2 woofers, and the three amps. Currently I have the factory system installed (not the bose).

I am having trouble when reading telling the bose from the non-bose experiences. A lotta grey areas I wanted to clear up if anybody can help me. To give you some background, I am going for EE so have a fairly good background, but have never actually done any car stereo work. My friend I am planning on doing this with has done several stereos before in a bunch of GMs though to help out.

From what I understand, there or may or may not be an amp behind my backseat where i can plug in my current head unit to keep chimes and everything working right. If anybody knows the ordeal with that it'd be nice to know in advance. I would rather keep the head unit somewhere in the car as it seems there have been many less issues with that over the adapters sold for it.

Also, without the bose system installed, I cannot just tap into the sub connection (my system has no sub outside the 4x9s to my knowledge). I believe my friend was saying it shouldn't be a problem and we can just wire it in off another wire.

As far as the headunit goes, I believe we had an Alpine in it (gotta pick everything up from a storage bin tomorrow). I was planning on getting a mount that fit it and maybe a utility tray type deal in it. Also wanted to put a direct line in to it while I was working on it for an ipod/etc. I don't think the later will be a problem at all.

I know there have been a ton of posts about this, but if somebody could please give me a heads up on any surprises I'm going to encounter specific to the non-bose system it'd really help me out. Finding power for the 3 amps might be an issue (I know the one is pretty large and the other two are medium sized... I will know shortly, however).

Thanks for your time, I know its a bit redundant but still a bit confused in summary. I found a couple old threads but its still kinda grey dealing with bose vs factory options.

05-14-09, 01:31 PM
Alright, so I have been searching a lot today and yesterday and have narrowed my question down more (sorry for the broad question originally, lot of information to pick up on off the bat)...

A.) I don't believe there is a hook up for the head unit in my trunk behind my seat... I believe that is only in the bose system. Correct me if I'm wrong though please. In that case, would I run basically everything connected to it (minus the speakers) back to the trunk as well? Then I believe I would just install the a/m HU powered off the battery and with the speakers that are no longer in the original HU? Sorry for the dumb question on that part, just confused how I go about dealing with two HUs in the same car and such.

EDIT: I have the onstar... and it seems that there might be a spot in my trunk that I can just hook up the head unit (apparently its non-related to the bose?).. I am just going to take off the trunk cover and look at this point.

B.) Sub ordeal... I have been reading around and it seems kinda unclear how to hook it up without the bose. I thought I would just use an LOS adapter off the back two speakers, but I read that it might cause issues. I also read it came directly off the amp but I believe that is with the bose

Sorry for the dumb questions, trying to pick up information as fast as I can but trying to clear up some gray areas.


05-15-09, 10:42 AM
Alright, so final update... Guess I should have just waited to post in the first place. If a mod could delete my first two posts it'd be great - didn't mean to flood the forums while i was reading searches and jump the gun.

In my 97 DeVille (onstar, no bose), I should have a class 2 data harness in the trunk somewhere from what I understand - correct me if I am wrong. I thiiink I found it tucked into the plastic behind the back seat dead center but I have never done any audio work and not positive... Basically... if I connect my factory head unit to that and power it up, I should just be able to wire in a car stereo like any normal car and not have to worry about those surprise caddy odds and end errors, correct? (Aside from powering the alpine hu correctly and such)

Thanks, sorry for taking up a lotta time for anybody who tried to sort through my top post.