View Full Version : Potential SRX owner, need your thoughts please

05-12-09, 10:06 PM
I'm this close to buying a 2004 AWD V6 model. 72,000 miles with nav, xenon, 3rd row, and panoramic sunroof. Car is very clean and everything works on it.

Carfax looks fine.

$12,900 is the asking price. Looking around that seems to be a pretty sweet deal and I'm pretty sure I can get him down another $500 or so.

Thoughts on the deal? Besides the usual used car diligence, what else should I be asking him and/or looking at?

thanks in advance!

Northern SRX
05-13-09, 05:14 AM
Check out:
-the jack/headrest storage (you'll have to deploy the 3rd row to open the access). If there's any sign of rust or mildew back there, you should be aware before you buy.
-all washers (windshield, rear window and headlights -especially the latter). To get the headlight washers to work, the headlights have to be on when you wash the windshield. The washers should deploy open and retract - sometimes they stick open.
-movement of the sunroof (for squeaks and full operability)
-the version of the nav disk you have - you may have to spring for a more recent version

When you get an independent inspection done, I would recommend:
-a compression tested
-having the wheel bearings checked
-having it confirmed that it's AWD

Other than that, it sounds like a decent price for a clean model - I'm sure it will check out alright.

Good luck.