: Performance?

Ghost C
07-14-04, 05:08 AM
I don't know if this is the right place or not, but I was wondering what the general consensus is about getting higher performance out of Cadillacs.

I've been making custom parts for imports for a few years, small stuff, mostly intakes and strut braces (I have big plans in R&D for my DeVille right now, strictly hush hush though), and was wondering how many people are interested in actually buying that kind of stuff for their Cadillacs.

Right now I've only got access to the 4.9 motor to try different things with, which would limit me to the 4100's for intakes. But I could theoretically make custom strut braces for any car if I had the measuremeants.

Swhat do you guys think? Would anyone be interested in shelling out pocket change on some minor upgrades? ALMOST any feedback on this subject will be appreciated, except naysayers who just want to ruin someone else's fun.

07-14-04, 10:32 AM
Check the technical forums. We talk about working on just about every motor Cadillac's used. Just takes some hunting.

07-14-04, 10:48 AM
I purchase things...that make the car handle better and maybe an Intake....but thats about it...