: Getting A New Key

05-12-09, 08:10 AM
Does the car have to be there to get a new key? I left my key in the cupholders and they locked on me, and I have yet to get a new key. Can I go to the dealership with proof of ownership and a photo id a get a key that will work for my car?

05-12-09, 09:51 AM
Call OnStar and have them unlock it for you.

05-12-09, 10:00 AM
I tried that but the rep told me that the only way to activate OnStar is to push the blue button in the car. I never saw the benefit of OnStar until now, so I never got it activated.

Angus Young
05-12-09, 10:29 AM
If you havent upgraded your onstar since Jan 08 your onstar will not work. Once you get your car opened you can take it to the dealer to have the OnStar upgraded, it will cost you $15.00 and a year subscription to OnStar