: Custom Floor and Trunk Mats for Winter

05-11-09, 09:16 AM
Hi. I am wondering if anyone has purchased any custom floor and trunk mats for the 2005 STS? I just traded my LaCrosse CXS that came with wonderful custom rubber mats for winter and I'd like to get something that good. I mean, it sounds strange how much you like a good floor mat. But in the Buick, they didn't slide or move and the winter mats kept the moisture from hitting the carpets. I'd like specifically to get a custom trunk mat so I can transport plants and tools around withouth ruining the carpet. thanks!!

05-11-09, 10:23 AM
Dealer sells them. Also GM Accessories store http://gmaccessoriesstore.com/cadillac-accessories-c-388.html?osCsid=7knchf04qf27n662r63rgu44v7
I got a new trunk mat off ebay.