View Full Version : nj upholstry???? i want suede steering wheel

05-10-09, 09:32 PM
want to know if anybody knows of any great upholstry shops or people in nj or not too far from me... i really want to do my steering wheel in suede!! i have gotten in and out of the v a few times and scratched the leather with my knife from it being in my pocket...

my friend has a lambo SL and it is a carbon steering wheel with suede (well full suede interior at that) but i love the feel and the look. going to get the shift boot done in alcantara with seat color stitching from REDLINE and i think the wheel will also look bad as hell and feel great... esspecially during spirited driving!!!!


05-10-09, 11:28 PM
Did you ask REDLINE about this? I think the suede would be awesome esp since the 09 has this also.

I think black with white stitchin would look bichin!!:highfive:

05-11-09, 12:50 AM
did somebody say swade?

i wanna do red inserts in the seats and a black steering wheel cover with red stitching

05-11-09, 01:03 AM
swade :drool:

05-11-09, 07:42 PM
lol yes napped finished leather or a variety of fabrics with a brushed finish steering wheel is what i want... didnt ask redline... ordered my suede shift boot from them last nite...i really want someone to just recover mine... or i'd like a nice aftermarket one... IDK!!

05-11-09, 08:03 PM

05-11-09, 08:14 PM

That Steering Wheel Cover = :tisk:

05-11-09, 09:13 PM
wow pep boy fresh!! :rice:

05-12-09, 08:13 AM
na... no cover for me... i want it rewrapped

05-12-09, 08:15 AM
I'd like to see one done in swayde too. It reminds me of the M3's wheel :)

How hard are the wheels to take off without blowing the bag? Maybe you could pull it off and send it in somewhere.

05-12-09, 09:23 AM
yea here we go... i knew if i dug through my detailing pics i'd find one... here is my friend's (and now boss) superleggera interior... now for those of us that love napped-finished leather or a variety of fabrics with a brushed finish, you will love this... and if you love carbon too...


05-13-09, 01:31 AM
I mean the sw-ade in minimalism seems nice, like on the steering wheel on the new V for instance. That's cool, but this right here just seems like overkill to me. Almost like it's too Snoop Dogg, Pimp My Ride, sw-ade EVERYWHERE-esk. I just don't think I could do all that napped-finished leather, or a variety of fabrics with a brushed finish :helpless: