: A quibble here; a quibble there.

05-10-09, 01:36 PM
:hmm:Now that I have my CTS Cherry bomb, there's a few quibbles I have to address: the netting on the back of the front seats instead of a solid panel to hold my stuff, only 1 setting for the cargo net in the trunk, can't get the Universal remote opener to work and the biggy, the heated seats function is very slow in operating and doesn't get very warm.

Is there some sort of secret to their operation that isn't revealed in the Owners' Manual that didn't exist on the STS? Does it work on a thermostat that makes them inoperative if its too warm outside. Or, maybe it's just kershtunken or busticated (sorry for the technical jargon). My wife is starting to nag me about it!


05-12-09, 10:00 AM
Not sure on the heated seats but work pretty quick so maybe there is something a miss. I agree, rear cargo mesh is useless

But since we are quibbling, My 08 CTS looks like a damn golf ball after that hail on Saturday approx 7k to fix my baby