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05-10-09, 12:40 PM
i just got the handheld from W4Me saturday and tried to lead the tune today. I plugged it in and selected performance tune, then custom tune, it said to turn car to on, i did and hit continue and it gave me an error. error 1023 and said go onlint to sct something . com

any ideas or did anyone else run into this??

05-10-09, 02:10 PM

I did not run into that problem, but mine V refused to upload the program the first couple of times I tried it.

Jess suggested pulling all of the BCM fuses and uploading while they were out.

Worked fine when I did that.

The fuse box is located at the front, psgr side of the engine compartment and the map for the fuses is on the fuse box lid. Pull all the BCM fuses and see if that does the trick.


05-10-09, 03:16 PM
Tried that. same thing. do we have to do anything with our stock tune first???

05-10-09, 07:50 PM
I had the same problem as you (code 1023). You need to make sure that you gave Jesse the correct VIN number. I left a digit out of the VIN number sequence and as a consequence I got that error code. Code 1023 translates to -- no custom tunes installed. I sent the handheld device back to W4M, the error was corrected and when returned I was able to load one of the three tunes Jesse had loaded on the hand held. I loaded max tune and what a difference in the way the throttle and transmission responds, almost like a direct mechanical linkage now. Oh, in addition to the BCM fuses you pulled, you might want to pull the "OnStar" fuse located in the fuse panel in the trunk above the battery. I did all this and the custom tune I selected loaded as it should - took about 15 minutes.

05-11-09, 09:28 AM
Sorry, The handheld will have to come back to me. The Vin number missmatch will cause it to do that. I have them checking the vin to only show the tunes for your exact car. So if the vin is wrong, "I might have put it in wrong" It wont show any custom tunes available. Ill ship another one out today for you if you email me at jessebubb@yahoo.com with a picture of your Vin. :) thanks and sorry for your issue.

05-11-09, 12:37 PM
thanks Jess. i spoke to you this AM and i have sent you and email with the Vin # and verified it as being correct. thanks for the quick reply!


05-16-09, 02:10 PM
Just to give all an update. Got my new handheld today with the updated firmware. I loaded the max performance tune in and got NO errors and all loaded correctly! It is raining here so i didn't get to try it out yet but can't wait for tomorrow to give it a go. I assume for the rest having issues that the new firmware should help you out.

My build date is 12/08 just as a FYI

05-16-09, 05:16 PM
Good For you Zman. I am still waiting for a fix for mine. Getting pretty anxious as it seem that this is only happening to me with this Upload stock Error 1017.
Waiting to hear a reply from Jessy or SCT with the proper steps to correct this.

So I wait....