: A Really Tough Car Riddle :: Try It !

07-13-04, 10:42 PM
Well, it's not exactly a riddle, because it's 100% truth and factual, but very difficult. See if anyone here knows the answer. Sorry, it's a bit long, but background is needed...

This pertains to Chrysler Corporation and it's new car franchises.

There are 2,924 places that you can walk into & purchase a new Chrysler car.
Of those 2,924, only 202 are exclusively Chrysler. 2,722 are dualed with either Jeep, or Jeep and Dodge. Okay.

There are 2,941 places that you can walk into and purchase a new Dodge car.
Of those 2,941, only 793 are exclusively Dodge. 2,124 are dualed with both Chrysler AND Jeep. There are 8 dealerships that sell ONLY Dodge Trucks, NO cars. There are ALSO 24 that sell Dodge & Jeep, but no Chrysler. Okay.

There are 2,867 places that you can walk into and purchase a new JEEP. 104 are exclusive JEEP, and nothing BUT JEEP. 2,722 are dualed with Chrysler.
24 are Jeep & Dodge, no Chrysler. Now.......

JEEP & Dodge together without Chrysler are at 24 locations in America. Chrysler does NOT, repeat....NOT offer a Jeep & Dodge franchise. (The franchises are: Chrysler alone or with Jeep and/or Jeep & Dodge.
Jeep alone, or with Chrysler. Dodge alone or with Jeep & Chrysler.)

HOW DID DODGE AND JEEP COME TO BE, SINCE IT'S NOT A FRANCHISE THEY GRANT ?????????? {This is not a math problem, the figures are correct} Anybody..... ?

07-13-04, 11:13 PM
Were they once Chrysler dealers.......then the Chrysler part dropped????

Not benz are they???

07-13-04, 11:35 PM
Options ive thought of

1. :bighead:

2. If you say Jeep and dodge near each other.. it sounds like "Cheap Dodge"...

3. Customers are confused as to which SUV to buy

4. I was tired when i did this... maybe it payed off.

07-13-04, 11:37 PM
I have a headache.

07-13-04, 11:51 PM
Certainly don't want Elvis to have a headache, and I can see that nobody's even in the ballpark, so...here's the answer.

>> They are old time dealers from before 1987, who were DODGE DEALERS and at some point, (50's, 60's, 70's or 80's) added AMERICAN MOTORS, to become Dodge & AMC. When Chrysler took over AMC in December 1987, they first killed the Jeep Pick-Up, then kicked Renault out of the country, and finally after 2,100 Eagles were made for 1988, they terminated the (AMC) Eagle. This left JEEP. They never killed off JEEP, and therefore those Dodge/AMC dealers are today Dodge/Jeep. 24 remain in the USA. They cannot....CANNOT sell their franchise. They can run it, turn it over to sons/daughters to run , but they cannot sell it. It terminates upon their death, which is WHY there are only 24.

07-14-04, 06:53 AM
ohh why did you type the answer, i was just about to say that, i was thinking some military contract for jeep's.. wait, i was thinking what you said, thats right

07-14-04, 07:04 PM
Elvis was getting a headache and I was afraid he'd begin singing "I'm all shook up" :) :D