: Fpr

05-09-09, 05:57 PM
Read some threads was told hard starts are caused by FPR. Checked the vacuum again today, still saw no gas rising from my FPR. I did notice when I unplugged the vacuum the exhaust smelled strongly of gasoline. Is this normal or is this a symptom of a bad FPR?

05-09-09, 06:04 PM
A bad FPR will leak fuel from the nipple. The symptoms are hard HOT starts.

05-10-09, 05:21 PM
yes you told me this. but I can not see any gas at the nipple but when I removed the vac. line a strong gas odor was coming form the exhaust. so cud it still be the fpr. i do have hard stars and long cranks abut 5 to 7 sec. before it stats. all most ever thing i have read is pointing to the fpr. but again no gas at the nipple ??????

05-10-09, 05:25 PM
No gas at the nipple = good FPR.

Check the fuel pump relay. If it is bad, the pump will not energize untill oil pressure is built up by cranking, thus long crank times.

05-10-09, 05:33 PM
Yes, the relay is where to start, but you should also test the rest pressure of the fuel pump. When the car is shut off fuel, under pressure, remains in the line to enable a quick restart. If the rest pressure is below spec or not there at all, extended cranking will result. A failed FPR is a rather rare occurance, in my opinion.

05-10-09, 05:38 PM
I seem to recall the Guru once say that even if the check valve failed and the line pressure bleeds down overnight (which I understand is common) the pump will pressurize the system in nothing flat, but I can't swear to it nor have I ever tested that theory.

Harry Yarnell
05-10-09, 06:53 PM
Yes, the pump will bring the pressure up from 0 to 45# in less than a second.

05-11-09, 12:22 AM
...but when I removed the vac. line a strong gas odor was coming form the exhaust. so cud it still be the fpr...

When you disconnect the vacuum line from the FPR it closes the fuel return line, which causes the fuel pressure in the rail to go up, which in turn instantly causes a rich fuel mixture. That's why you're smelling gas from the exhaust when it's disconnected.

When you start smelling gas from the exhaust when the FPR is not disconnected and you also experience hard hot starts, it's a good idea to check the FPR to see if it's leaking.