: Nothing like polishing chrome to make your day.

05-07-09, 01:44 AM
So I'm de-trimming my '71 to paint her, and I thought I should really detail the chrome. Here's the headlight bezels, and boy do they look good.



Just thought I'd share that. So if you're feeling down, just go polish your chrome!


05-07-09, 03:15 AM
Nice! Were those chrome plated, or polished stainless steel? I really need to polish the stainless steel hood spears and door mouldings on my Caddy.

05-07-09, 03:20 AM
Yep, they're chrome all the way! :D

05-07-09, 11:54 AM
Nice work !

Mine are faded also, have to ask . . . .

were they difficult to remove ?

What kind of polish did you use, was it dirt or tarnish on the bezels ??

Good luck with the painting...

durrk johnson
05-07-09, 12:08 PM
that gives me motivation.. haha... I have great condition chrome on my car... But... Last year my clearcoat started chipping off which makes my car look like he got a severe case of sunburn.

05-07-09, 12:27 PM
It was super easy. Only three philips screws, and the bezel just pulls right out. There was a little bit of tarnish and dirt, but Turtlewax chrome polish did the trick!


05-07-09, 06:19 PM
that looks clean man.
all you used was Turtle wax??

05-07-09, 10:23 PM
I used the regular old stuff I bought from Walmart. It's Turtle Wax brand "Chrome Polish And Rust Remover."


05-08-09, 01:00 AM
^That stuff works, I used it all the time on my old car's chrome rims. That car was 10 years old with 120k miles, rims looked perfect using that product.