: Buying... What to look for?

05-06-09, 12:47 PM
hey everyone, I am new around here, and this week I am going to go check out my first CTS-V.. its an '04 and was wondering if any of you guys can help me out with what to look for when checking it out and test driving it? Are there any common problems i should be looking for?

thanks for your help in advance

05-06-09, 01:09 PM
Like any car check the seat bolts for rust, the pedals on these cars all seem to rust up a bit for whatever reason, and a clunk in the drivetrain...if it clunks it's a bad bushing on the diff...it's a fairly cheap fix but it could help you drive the price down...you can check the rear C pillar covers to see if they're loose at all, again another easy fix with some washers, but they tend to break off if you drive high speed with the back windows down...check the rims for scratches too, tire shops tend to gouge them due to the run-flat tires....otherwise, check it over like a normal car.

also pay attention when you shut it down, this car does rumble a bit when you shut it down, but if it's excessive the motor mounts could be bad....basically if it sounds like it's dieseling the mounts are bad.

forgot one more thing, look around the sun roof for creases, usually a sign it's been tracked and check the info panel on the dash...where it shows, oil pres. tire pres., etc... there will be a G meter...it can be cleared, but if it hasn't been cleared could be a good indication of previous owners driving habits.

05-06-09, 01:16 PM
Thanks alot for the info! except the G meter thing wont necassarily work because its at a dealer, so it could be just from the last person that test drove the car... but regardless thanks for the info!

if anyone else has any other info to add pls feel free :)

05-10-09, 10:40 AM
Alright guys, so I went to go check out the "V" on Friday afternoon. You guys can tell me if its worth the price or not, or if I should try and drive the price down a bit. its a 2004, has 116 000 KM and was purchased by the used car lot at an auction. ALL the wheels have some curb rash on them, paint has some minor scratches but the car has yet to be detailed. there is a small hole in the suade part of the drivers seat. couple of the control knobs have some major wear on them (common problem?) the rear C pillar panels do seem a little loose, but didnt noticed any rust on the seat brackets.

unfortunately I wasn't able to take it out for a test drive though, because they only allow test drives on their vehicles with people that have approved financing (N)

the lot is asking 22950 CAD

05-10-09, 11:25 AM
you have to drive the car before u buy it.. esp if its an 04 model with 116km... i do nt know how much $22CAD is but if that is anywhere close to $15USD do not buy..

sounds like a not so good deal to me...

05-10-09, 11:44 AM
really? there are only 3 in Ontario that I have been able to find and most are around 25000 CAD with about 50k on it that I have seen going on autotrader.

I have been thinking of looking into buying from the US but I have to look into the importing fees and whatnot first to see if it would be worth it at all

btw 22000 CAD is 20000 USD

oh and I definately would not buy a car before driving it!